Jericho VII

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Defense of Castle Base

Jericho VII


Halo Interactive Strategy Game





Jericho VII, Lambda Serpentis system



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Jericho VII is the first campaign level of the Halo Interactive Strategy Game.


This level takes place during the Battle of Jericho VII during the year 2535. The outcome was the loss of Jericho VII to Covenant glassing, leaving only a handful of humans surviving the attack.


The objectives for each team during the level are as follows:


  • Kusanagi (AI): I have been monitoring all transmissions from the Jericho system and intercepted an encrypted Covenant message. It’s from the Prophet of Candor.
  • Prophet of Candor: Ah, my brave soldiers, the council has an important mission for you. You are to go to the world the Human vermin refer to as Jericho VII. There you must move out from your staging point and secure the entire area. Eliminate any forces or weapons that may impede your success.
  • Kusanagi: We cannot allow the Covenant to control that sector. The only chance for UNSC victory is to plant a tactical nuke in the heart of the Covenant staging area. All surviving UNSC personnel must return to their protected point of origin before detonating the warhead. The Master Chief, Sierra-117, will lead Blue Team on this mission. Good luck!
  • Narrator: UNSC Objective – Plant a HAVOK tactical nuke in the Covenant staging area, return all standing troops to the UNSC base and detonate the missile.
  • Narrator: UNSC Team – Sierra 117 and Blue Team
  • Narrator: Covenant Objective – Destroy all UNSC forces before they can plant the HAVOK device and/or capture the bomb and trigger, which ever happens first.
  • Narrator: Covenant Team – All Elites and all Grunts.