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During the production of Halo: Reach, several weapons were concepted and implemented - though ultimately cut for various reasons.

Civilian weapons[edit]

These civilian weapons were conceived by Glenn Israel in 2009 and later modeled for inclusion in-game. These were not intended to appear as useable weapons for any player or character, and instead simply decorative props that could be found in some of the "pioneer" environments in levels such as Winter Contingency and Nightfall.[1][2]

The weapons remain in the files of the Halo: Reach Alpha build, listed with the following names;[3][4]

  • decor_gun_shotgun
  • decor_gun_shotgun_short
  • decor_gun_rifle_scopes
  • decor_gun_rifle

It is likely these were intended for use by the farmers and Reach militia encountered in the third level of the game, Nightfall.

The shotgun design was later featured in Issue #18 of Halo: Escalation.

Covenant mortar[edit]

The Covenant mortar was a weapon conceived by Glenn Israel, though whether it received any 3D development is unknown. Concept explorations posted by Israel showcase a weapon held in a manner akin to the Brute Shot or Pek-pattern plasma cannon, or able to be deployed as a static emplacement. Some of the concepts show some designs more akin to the plasma mortar found on the Wraith and Revenant vehicles. The concept explorations pictured were done in 2009.[5]

Forerunner staff[edit]

The object named forerunner_staff can be found in the files for the Halo: Reach DLC tag build. It is unclear as to what purpose the staff would have served, given the game's predominantly-human focus - though it may have been intended for usage on the game's DLC maps.[6]


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