Beta Centauri

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Beta Centauri
Location overview



Distance from Sol:

350 light years

Stellar overview

Spectral type:


Absolute magnitude:

0.60 (0.8 A), (0.8 B)


Beta Centauri is a double star in the constellation Centaurus, that forms one of the points in the Southern Cross constellation. It is located 350 light years from Sol.

A reference to a champagne of a "Beta Centauri vintage" was made in the original edition of Halo: The Fall of Reach, implying the system had been colonized by humanity.[1] "Beta Centauri" was changed to "Procyon" in the 2010 edition of the novel.[2] This is likely due to the fact the system is situated well beyond the known sphere of influence of humanity and thus unlikely to house a colony.

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