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Halo: Combat Evolved campaign medals

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This page is about the cut content from the original game for Xbox. For the campaign medals present in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, see here.

Campaign medals were originally set to appear within Halo: Combat Evolved, but were ultimately cut before release. They would have been similar in concept to Achievements, first introduced in Halo 2 for Windows Vista.[1][2]


These medals would have been granted to the player for completing certain actions within the campaign of Halo: Combat Evolved. Like the medals in multiplayer, they likely would not have had a physical representation or have been able to be permanently tracked. While similar to what would become achievements in later games, they likely were not awarded permanently and would not have carried over from one play-through to another. Although cut as a function from the final game, non-functioning scripts for several campaign medals can still be found within the game's coding through modding. It is not known how developed campaign medals were before the function was abandoned, or the ultimate reasons for doing so. Two specific medals are known to have been planned, "skin diver" and "bloodthirsty", both from the level Keyes, as well as an "award ceremony".

Skin diver[edit]

This medal would have been awarded for killing a certain Flood forms on the level "Keyes". These Flood would have spawned in certain coolant pits with damage to different parts of their bodies (eg. missing heads, limbs, etc). These Flood forms do not appear in the final game, their spawn count set to zero. The script for the medal still appears in the level's code:

(script dormant i_am_skin_diver
(ai_place med1_flood )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )0 )"head" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )0 )"left arm" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )1 )"" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )2 )"" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )2 )"left arm" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )3 )"" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )4 )"right arm" "~damaged" )
(object_set_permutation (list_get (ai_actors med1_flood )4 )"left arm" "~damaged" )
(sleep_until (= 0 (ai_living_count med1_flood )))(set skin_diver true ))


This medal would have been awarded for killing all of the Spec-Ops Elites in the level "Keyes". It is similar in concept to the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary achievement Tying Up Loose Ends. The script for the medal still appears in the level's code:

(script dormant more_blood_for_me
(sleep_until (> (ai_living_count enc5_7_cov/specops )0 ))
(sleep_until (= 0 (ai_living_count enc5_7_cov/specops )))
(sleep_until (> (ai_living_count enc7_1_cov )0 ))
(sleep_until (= 0 (ai_living_count enc7_1_cov )))
(sleep_until (> (ai_living_count enc7_3 )0 ))
(sleep_until (= 0 (ai_living_count enc7_3 )))(set bloodthirsty true ))

Award ceremony[edit]

It is unclear exactly how campaign medals would have been awarded to the player. They might have been award in game as they were achieved or they could have been listed at the end of the mission, similar to campaign scoring. The script for an "award ceremony" still appears within the coding for the level "Keyes":

(script dormant award_ceremony
(if skin_diver (print "skin diver medal awarded!" ))
(if bloodthirsty (print "bloodthirsty medal awarded!" )))