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Halo: Combat Evolved cut content

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During the development of Halo: Combat Evolved there was numerous cut and unused content from the title. Below is all available information on that content.


Many vehicles were cut during the production of Combat Evolved. See here for a full list.


Many weapons were concepted and created for earlier revisions of Combat Evolved. For a full breakdown, see here.

Ambient life[edit]

Blind wolf[edit]

Main article: Morolaath

The "blind wolf" was a creature designed by Halo: Combat Evolved art director Marcus Lehto to be included in that game.[1][2] According to that early design, a blind wolf would have a symbiotic relationship with some kind of insectoid creature.[3] This "bug" would plant its stinger at the base of the wolf's cranium and in this way allow it to see through the eyes of the bug.[4] Then, when the blind wolf caught and killed its prey, the bug would be permitted to share in eating the carcass of whatever had been killed.[3][4] Not only would blind wolves exist in groups in some environments of the game, but they were planned to be able to be ridden by the player's character.[1] Ultimately, they had to be cut from the game because of problems with artificial intelligence.[1]

Doberman gator[edit]

The "doberman gator" was a reptile-like animal that was cut out from Halo 2, but appeared in its Collector's Edition DVD.[7]


The Threeleg was an ambient lifeform intended to inhabit Installation 04 in Halo: Combat Evolved. As its name suggests, it was a tripodal organism, with three powerful legs and two smaller arms. It appears to have had an exoskeleton, and at least two eyes. It was cut from the final game.[8]


The Thorax was an ambient lifeform intended to inhabit Installation 04 in Halo: Combat Evolved. Mostly blue, with luminous yellow on its back, it had thin arms but long, powerful legs and a single eye. It was cut from the final game.

Thorn beast[edit]

Thorn Beasts are large, bipedal reptilian creatures cut from Halo: Combat Evolved. They are named Thorn beasts due to the 5 erect spines that protrude from the back. They were also cut from Halo Wars, as ambient wildlife. Thorn beasts were also mentioned in Halo Contact Harvest, Being a delicacy among the Jiralhanae.


The Vulpard is a quadrupedal creature with the head of a vulture and the body of a leopard. It was cut from Halo: Combat Evolved.



Sharquoi are large bipedal creatures cut from Halo: Combat Evolved. They have large arms with massive claws. They are also mentioned in Halo: Envoy. For more information, see Sharquoi.

A render of the Sharquoi


Keelbugs were intended to appear in Halo: Combat Evolved. They are insectoids that would cut up dead bodies after a battle and clean up the battleground.



The Assassin Skull was intended to be a skull in Halo Combat Evolved in the MCC.



Pre-Xbox Halo[edit]

Troop deployment pod[edit]


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