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"The Hunters rawk!"

Within the Halo 2 disc, modders have found text placeholders for the scripted dialogs at certain parts of levels. Some of it has been humorously altered from the original script, and others depict lines that were eventually discarded.[1]

Cairo Station[edit]

Miranda Keyes

  • Before (After dispatching Covenant boarders en route to the In Amber Clad): "Thanks, Chief. I owe you one. Take me now!" [1]
  • After: "Thanks, Chief. I owe you one."



  • Before: "Alright, this is the shit."
  • After: "See this look? It's terror!"[2]

The Arbiter[edit]

SpecOps Elite

  • After: Grunts will now often make this comment, but Elites never do so.

High Charity[edit]


  • When the player passes through the first room in Please, Make Yourself At Home, Cortana was scripted to say: "Flood spores have contaminated the city's life-support infrastructure - the filtration systems are overloading!"[1]


  • When the player first encounters the Flood growth on the walls, Cortana was scripted to say: "The amount of Flood bio-mass is increasing exponentially. There are reports of infestations in every district!"[1]



  • When the player takes too long to enter the conduit, Cortana was scripted to say: "I've lost control of the conduit! It's breaking away from the ship!"[1]

The Great Journey[edit]


  • Before: "The Hunters rawk!"[3]
  • After: "The Hunters have come to our aid, Arbiter. They will fight by our side."


  • Before: "Tartar sauce must complete his tasty condiments."[3]

Ending Cinematics

  • Before: When the screen goes to black, the following words are written: "Tics of black for Marty."[3]
  • After: Nothing.