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During the game's development, Halo Wars was to a feature a level which was later cut from the game.


Early Relic Approach draft[edit]

An early draft of the "tear sheet" (a high-level design document outlining concepts and ideas) for the level Relic Approach showcases a fairly different design intent for the level. Rather than the layout in the final game, the level was originally drafted to be set within a canyon carved into the surface of Harvest by Covenant excavation beams during the planet's glassing. Midway through the level, a UNSC cruiser would crash onto Harvest.[1] In the final game, this was removed - though wreckage from the Marathon-class heavy cruiser UNSC Prophecy does appear on the Harvest levels as background scenery. The story of UNSC Prophecy would later play a prominent role in the Halo Wars: Genesis comic and the non-canon Spirit of Fire Archives; short stories written by Halo Wars lead writer Graeme Devine to immerse himself in the Halo universe during development.

Covenant ship[edit]

During the Repairs mission of the game, the UNSC Spirit of Fire comes face to face with a Covenant Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyer named Proclamation's Tithe, which begins bombarding the ship with its broadside plasma cannons. Originally, Halo Wars was intended to have a level set after Repairs in which the forces of the Spirit of Fire would conduct a boarding action with the intent of destroying the ship's power core. Some information remains in the game files of Halo Wars, and a few pieces of concept art released online showcase concepts for the ship's geometry.