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Clan workshops are local armament workshops held by clans of various species. Predominantly found in Jiralhanae culture, workshops are a vital component of their arms industry. Rather than massive megacorporations the likes of Misriah Armory operated by the UNSC or the Assembly Forges employed by the Covenant, the Jiralhanae typically produce arms and armaments on a more local level, with each clan having their own workshop who manufacture, modify and maintain the clan's weapons and vehicles.[1]


The system of localized clan workshops had permeated through Jiralhanae society during the wars fought on their homeworld Doisac prior to their incorporation into the Covenant in 2492. Under the Covenant's reign, clan workshops were run under the careful watch of Covenant missionaries, though toward the end of the Human-Covenant War many workshop designs were taken by the Prophet of Truth and put into mass manufacture by the Sacred Promissory, modified with new Covenant technologies such as plasma weaponry and anti-gravity technology.[1] Many of the Jiralhanae clans and workshops were based on Doisac, and were presumably destroyed along with the planet in 2559.

While workshops are predominantly a Jiralhanae organization, the Ahtulai clan of Banished Sangheili mercenaries, have developed their own workshop too in service to Atriox.[2]

Jiralhanae clan workshops[edit]

Clan workshops are typically named after their host clan. Common parlance dictates that a workshop may be simply referred to as [clan name] workshop, though they may also have more specific names.

Sangheili clan workshops[edit]


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