Qavardu War-Forge

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The Qavardu War-Forge, or simply Qavardu Workshop, was a Jiralhanae clan workshop and arms manufacturer of the Qavardu clan, based on Doisac.[1] The war-forge was presumably destroyed following the planet's destruction in 2559.



The Qavardu War-Forge predominantly specialises in crafting vehicles, employed by Jiralhanae hunting packs for raiding. These include;

Ground vehicles
Air vehicles


The war-forge was responsible for the creation of the initial design template of the Prowler light war-sled, prior to the incorporation of the Jiralhanae into the Covenant in 2492.[1] As with other clan workshops, their manufacture of weapons under the Covenant was closely watched by missionaries appointed by High Charity, though in the war's later years many of their designs including the Prowler were modified by the Sacred Promissory and mass-manufactured in preparation for the Great Schism.[2]

The destruction of Doisac at the hands of Cortana in 2559 presumably saw the destruction of the Doisac-based Qavardu War-Forge.


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