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Melchus is a Jiralhanae Captain who served in the Covenant military as the second-in-command of Tartarus, Chieftain of the Jiralhanae.[1]


On November 3, 2552 during the Battle of Installation 05, Melchus was ordered to execute the unsuspecting Sangheili High Councilors and former Honor Guardsmen that were awaiting in the Control Room of Installation 05 to make preparations for the activation of the installation. Waiting for the arrival of the San'Shyuum High Councilors and Hierarchs, the Sangheili were confused when Melchus entered the room with a large contingent of Jiralhanae. Suddenly, Melchus turned towards the Sangheili and charged towards them with his large gravity hammer. The Jiralhanae and Sangheili battled in the Control Room, but the Sangheili were outnumbered, unprepared, and some were weaponless. During the skirmish, Melchus killed numerous Sangheili Councilors and Honor Guardsmen with his hammer. The captain's resilient armor allowed him to negate most of the damage he received, while his speed and agility allowed him to avoid the Sangheili's energy sword attacks. G'torik 'Klemmee charged at Melchus, hoping to kill him to allow the Councilors to escape. The two battled, but Melchus managed to knock 'Klemmee across the room with his hammer. As 'Klemmee recovered, he witnessed Melchus kill his uncle, Torg 'Gransamee. Furious, 'Klemmee activated two energy swords and charged at the captain. Although Melchus' armor protected him from a mortal wound, 'Klemmee succeeded in damaging the captain's ribcage. Melchus managed to leap backwards and killed an Honor Guard that was coming to aid 'Klemmee. 'Klemmee charged the captain again, but Melchus blocked the attack with the handle of his hammer. As the duel continued, 'Klemmee delivered several more minor injuries to Melchus, but ultimately, the captain used his hammer's gravitational-force shock wave ability to launch 'Klemmee out of the Control Room and render him unconscious.[2]

Melchus was later ordered to bring the Prophet of Clarity to meet with the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion on High Charity, followed by two Mgalekgolo.[3] The Prophet of Exquisite Devotion had Melchus help him demonstrate the new gravitation interrogation methods on several captured Sangheili by brutally executing them.[4] As Melchus prepared Tilik 'Bornisamee for execution, K'hurk 'Bornisamee charged at the captain in an attempt to save his nephew but was knocked back by the captain's hammer.[5]

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