K'hurk 'Bornisamee

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K'hurk 'Bornisamee
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November 3, 2552

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K'hurk 'Bornisamee was a Sangheili politician who served the Covenant as a High Councilor towards the end of the Human-Covenant War.[1]


K'hurk 'Bornisamee was the uncle of Tilik 'Bornisamee.[2] In 2552, K'hurk had become a High Councilor of the Covenant High Council. He was one of the few Sangheili High Councilors that was not present at Installation 05's Control Room on November 3, 2552, and was therefore not massacred alongside most of his peers by a contingent of Jiralhanae led by Captain Melchus. However, K'hurk was captured by the Covenant—along with Duru 'Scoahamee and Tilik—and brought to the Trial Court for Tools of Conquest's chamber of Gravitational Refinement that same day.[1]

For conspiring with the Sangheili, the Prophet of Clarity was brought to the chamber by the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion and forced to watch the sadistic torture of the Sangheili. After Exquisite Devotion brutally murdered Duru by increasing the force of gravity in particular spots of his body, Melchus moved to make Tilik the next victim. When his pleas to be taken instead were ignored, K'hurk charged at the captain but he was simply knocked backwards by a stun-wave from Melchus' gravity hammer. When Clarity refused to be the one to torture Tilik, Exquisite Devotion had Jiralhanae prepare him for execution while he killed Tilik and K'hurk. Moments later, Clarity was rescued by other Sangheili.[2]

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