Trial Court for Tools of Conquest

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The Trial Court for Tools of Conquest was a weapons testing facility on High Charity.[1]


The Trial Court was a long hallway lit by harsh light from its viewing windows. At its walls were blue doors that led to chambers for testing new weapons, and a window that let one look inside. The chambers were white and similar in shape to cubes.[2] One of these was the chamber of Gravitational Refinement.

At its far right was a door that led to the Energy Conduit Access, which powered the Court.[3] The room was a maze of metal pipes and electrical conduits that were difficult to navigate through. The only light in the room came from the occasional yellow glow of energy transmutation cubes, which produced power for the pipes that delivered it to the chambers.[4] On the other side of the room was a door with a red light, which led to a small hangar for a maintenance ship.[5]

Due to the classified nature of weapons tests, few aside from the Hierarchs were allowed in the Trial Court. These rules were rescinded in 2552, when the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion took control of the facility and allowed in his Jiralhanae guardsmen.[1]


During the war the Trial Court's test chambers were used for new technologies to be used in the Human-Covenant War. At the beginning of the Great Schism in October 2552, the Court was reappropriated for technologies to be used against the Sangheili who had offended the Prophets. One of the chambers was used to interrogate Sangheili by applying incredible gravitational force on them as torture.[6] Shortly thereafter an attack on the Court occurred by Sangheili forces to rescue their captured friends, followed by a firefight in the energy conduit room. Many of the conduits were overloaded in order to create a power surge, which killed Exquisite Devotion and his Mgalekgolo warriors.

The Trial Court, along with the rest of High Charity, was destroyed on December 11, 2552 when John-117 overloaded its reactors and destroyed the city.[7][8]

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