Palace of the Hierarchs

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This article is about one of the Hierarch residences. For the other Hierarch residence, see Sanctum of the Hierarchs.

The Palace of the Hierarchs was a private reception chamber on the Covenant holy city of High Charity, used by the Hierarchs of the Covenant.[1] The chamber was used to allow the Hierarchs to discuss scheduling details and military logistics with high-ranking members within the Covenant.[1] The hall had translucent flooring and drapery that contained the continental tracery of Doisac within a circle. The drapery was intended to make Jiralhanae feel important when they visited.[1]

In 2552, the Prophet of Clarity greeted individuals that were meeting with the Hierarchs within the hall. The High Prophet of Truth often used the hall to meet with Jiralhanae commanders, including Tartarus. Clarity also served in the room to serve as a buffer between Truth and the Minor Prophet of Stewardship, prior to the Battle of Installation 04.[1] During the Battle of Installation 05, Truth met with Tartarus and the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion to discuss upcoming plans to remove the Sangheili from the Covenant.[1]

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