Gravitational Refinement

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The chamber of Gravitational Refinement was a test room on High Charity, one of many testing sites in the Trial Court for Tools of Conquest.[1] The chamber housed gravity manipulation technology, and was used by the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion as an interrogation room and torture chamber.


The chamber, like many of the Trial Court's others, was a square white-walled room with a blue door and window. On the floor were red nodes that glowed in regular intervals, that were responsible for controlling the room's artificial gravity.[1] Through remote activation by Exquisite Devotion's gravity throne, the gravity in the chamber could be made to suddenly increase or decrease. Its gravity could even be applied selectively, causing a shift in gravity in only part of the room.[1] Through this, subjects inside could be violently tortured in a variety of ways, including having their limbs being crushed, their blood over-pressurized, or their organs being forced up out of their throat.[1]

The chamber required a great deal of power, which came from the energy conduit room on the far right of the Trial Court. Damaging its energy transmutation cubes would, alongside depowering the chamber, create a massive explosion.[2]


During the beginning of the Great Schism, the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion was granted control of a chamber in the Trial Court and used it to test his new invention. Although he did not expect gravity refinement technology being deployed in the field due to its immense power demands, he still saw it useful as a means of interrogation.[1] Several Sangheili Councilors and the Prophet of Clarity Zo Resken were brought to the chamber for questioning, as they were suspected of involvement with the Sangheili. The Elites were killed and Zo was to follow after he refused to murder them himself. Before he could be killed, though, Zo was rescued by attacking Sangheili, who overloaded the energy room, killing Exquisite Devotion and his guards in the ensuing fireball.[2]

The chamber of Gravitational Refinement, like the rest of High Charity, was destroyed on December 11, 2552 when John-117 overloaded its reactors and destroyed the city.[3][4]

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