Beacon Keeper's Vault

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The Beacon Keeper's Vault was a location on High Charity, located in the Terraces of Illumination. The vault was a highly-prized location, administered by the Beacon Keeper and used to house the Luminal Beacons.[1]


The vault was located in a seldom-visited corner of the Terraces of Illumination, located as the sole structure in the centre of the Four-Spoked Bridge of Patience. The building consisted of a celadon dome constructed to resemble the tidal swell of the Ut'hua Moonsea, with an entrance located at the bottom and shaped into the curl one of the sculpted waves - situated in such a way as to appear as though it were breaking against the balcony that ringed the dome. The entrance was guarded by two Sangheili Honor Guardsman.[1]


Following the destruction of Zhoist in early 2526, fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee was summoned back to High Charity to await his sentencing by the Hierarchs - who ultimately ordered the commander to return his Luminal Beacon to the Vault, intending to have him assassinated by the Silent Shadow thereafter. Knowing this, Nizat brought the Beacon to the vault and ultimately elected to kill the two guardsmen outside, intending to steal the final Luminal Beacon from the vault to use in his plan to destroy the Office of Naval Intelligence. 'Kvarosee and his contingent ultimately killed the Beacon Keeper inside, to ensure he did not sound the alarm before they could escape.[1]

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