Garden of Reverent Contemplation

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The Garden of Reverent Contemplation

The Garden of Reverent Contemplation was a sanctuary within High Charity, the holy city of the Covenant.



The chamber was believed to be a place of thought and worship dedicated to the High Prophet of Truth, with a large stone statue of the Hierarch in the center of the room. The intention of the Garden of Reverent Contemplation was quiet solitude in honor of the High Prophet of Truth.[1] The garden was also meant as a refuge for thought and meditation by senior Prelates in the Prophet hierarchy. In its silent halls they could seek the solace of spirituality while contemplating the mysteries of the Forerunners. A large tree taken from an unknown Forerunner location stood at the center of the garden as a symbol to signify life.[2] Running around the front of the Garden was a balcony allowing worshipers to gaze down upon the main city and dome of High Charity, with the Keyship Anodyne Spirit at its center.[3]


During the fall of High Charity in November 2552, data on the Garden of Reverent Contemplation was captured and transmitted to remote nodes by UNSC In Amber Clad, even after captured by the Flood, in an effort to accumulate as much knowledge as possible on High Charity and the nearby Installation 05 as possible before the ship was completely lost. This captured data would later be used to create a War Games simulation for Spartan supersoldiers to allow them to hone their combat skills with the chamber's impressive symmetry and multiple levels.[1] Like the rest of High Charity, the Gardens fell to the Flood and were eventually destroyed when the vessel crash-landed on Installation 00.[4]

Production notes[edit]

The Garden of Reverent Contemplation is the setting for the Halo 2 multiplayer map "Gemini".[1][3]


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