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H2 Gemini Statue.png
Map overview


Halo 2

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 840-5[1]


Garden of Reverent Contemplation, High Charity[1]


Close to Prophets Chambers

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:

2 to 6

Recommended gametype(s):

This sanctuary now rings with the sound of combat - the end of the ancient duality of the Covenant is truly at hand.

Gemini is a Halo 2 multiplayer level that was included in Halo 2's Maptacular Pack. Based on the level Duality from Marathon,[2] and is one of the smallest Halo 2 maps.


"The grandeur of the Covenant cityworld, High Charity, is a vista for the pious from this palatial place of meditation.[3]"

Gemini is set in the Garden of Reverent Contemplation on the Covenant holy city of High Charity. Although under control of the Flood parasite, the UNSC In Amber Clad continued to transmit data to its remote nodes, attempting to accumulate as much information about both Delta Halo and High Charity as possible before the ship's termination. Remote relays captured these details and one peculiar mass image was a site within High Charity now believed to be the Garden of Reverent Contemplation. This site was believed to be a place of thought and worship dedicated to the High Prophet of Truth. The intention of this place was quiet solitude in honor of the Hierarch, but Spartans currently use Gemini's impressive symmetry and multiple levels to more acutely hone their combat skills. The tree in the garden was taken from a location - possibly a Halo or other place, and symbolises life.[3]

Gemini is somewhat of an unusual level, as it consists of a closed-quarters outside area and an open inside area. Teleporters can warp players up to two small balconies on the top of the inner area. Another teleporter warps players to the outside and back. There is a wide array of weapons from close ranged Brute Shots and the energy sword, to carbines and a beam rifle. An Overshield can be found in front of the Prophet statue.

Another interesting feature is the addition of doors. It is rare to find classic doors in a multiplayer level like this; Gemini is in fact the only multiplayer map that features these doors.

The statue of the in about the middle of the map appears to be of the Prophet of Truth and is near what appears to be a natural tree. Outside, the map features five Covenant Phantom docks and what appears to be another tree. In the background behind the Phantom docks you can see the Anodyne Spirit in the center of the city.

It is possible to get below the level and explore the city.[4][5]


  • Lower Level
  • Upper Level
  • Walkway


Production notes[edit]

  • Gemini was created as a remake of the level Duality from the Marathon games made by Bungie before Halo. In bringing the map to Halo 2, Bungie wanted to create a map that was small but would suit ranged gameplay for weapons like the carbine. Objects like doors and cover were placed to help the map from being dominated by snipers, however, as Marathon never had as long-ranegd weapons as Halo, and thus didn't need as much cover. One major difference from Duality is that where the old map had a pond, Gemini has a large tree that players can use as cover.[2]


  • Gemini is one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and is represented by twins.
  • Gemini can be spotted in Campaign mode in Halo 2. On the level Gravemind, when you exit the High Council Chamber and get near where Thel 'Vadam was tortured, look to the left, and in between the two giant towers with the eye-shaped purple design, you will see a smaller tower with the exact shape as the Gemini map.
  • There are two spires that appear in the levels Gravemind and High Charity, but the player is unable to destroy their bases or knock them over.
  • This is one of few maps in the Halo series prior to Halo: Reach to have blue teleporters instead of green, the other map being Cold Storage.
  • Outside looking down over the edge of the platform it is possible to get down and run around on the spikes far below.