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Map overview


Halo 2: Anniversary


Relay station, Installation 05


Plateau, Forerunner structure

Impressive gravitic control systems offer an extreme amount of flexibility in the placement of Halo's communication relays.[1]

Zenith, tentatively named Ascension Anniversary,[2] is a multiplayer map in Halo 2: Anniversary. It is a remake of Ascension from Halo 2, with some minor changes. Ascension is one of the seven Halo 2 multiplayer maps that have been completely re-imagined in Halo 2: Anniversary.[3][4]


Changes from Ascension[edit]

  • Zenith will feature a large energy shield in the center of the map, triggered by any of three switches around the map's outskirts.[5] The shield can be disabled through Forge, or the shield's switches can be moved to different locations on the map.[6]
  • The sky bridge from the Banshee platform to the sniper tower is now wider and has additional horizontal and vertical cover against fire from the tower. The middle of the bridge also has an added platform structure.[7]
  • The map has received significant visual changes. Whereas the original map was located atop a fixed plateau, Zenith is based on an "island" of rock floating high above the surface of a rotating Halo installation, surrounded by similar floating rock formations. Ascension's foggy and clouded atmosphere has also been replaced with almost fully clear skies, allowing unimpeded visibility to the Halo ring, which is rendered to scale.[7]
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  • Finding and destroying the BLAST soda can on this map unlocks the High Altitude Thirst! achievement.
  • After waiting long enough, the country of Italy will appear on the Halo ring.