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Halo 2 Vista




Forerunner structure

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This is just a small example of what you can do as a Halo 2 cartographer!

Example is a custom made map included in Halo 2 Vista's built-in map editor as an example of what players can do when making their own maps. It isn't technically an actual map, but it is included in the game's map editor files by default. It can be acquired by installing the Halo 2 Vista Map Editor.

This map features a weapon new to gameplay, but has already been in Halo: First Strike, Halo Graphic Novel and The Art of Halo: the M7S SMG. The M7S is a standard M7 SMG with a suppressor attached to the barrel, making it less noisy and reducing muzzle flash. It also has a laser sight.

Interesting to note is that if considered an actual map, it is the only one in Halo 2 which spawns the fuel rod gun, which is only available to players in the campaign (and when making custom maps). Example is also the smallest map in any Halo game. It's so small that it barely fits two players, making it a map of "spawn killing" chaos when it is played with an excessive number of players.


  • This is the only multiplayer map included with Halo 2 Vista which is not considered a "real" map.
  • The design of the map is similar to the interior of the Forerunner structure from 343 Guilty Spark with the only difference being the energy bridges being replaced with ones made of solid matter.
  • The M7S' laser sight tends to be inaccurate and is just a small red line on the wall. It usually doesn't point at the spot where the bullets will land.
  • The M7S is later used in Halo 3: ODST as a primary weapon to replace the Halo 3 battle rifle, and the laser sight is no longer visible other than on the gun itself, which instead uses a scope function. The weapon would later appear in the multiplayer and forge components of Halo 2: Anniversary.