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Map overview


Halo 2

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 320-5.[1]


Installation 05 jungles


Forerunner outpost

Gameplay overview

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Once a scientific outpost, this derelict Forerunner facility waits patiently to be reactivated.

Desolation is a Halo 2 multiplayer map. The map was one of two created for Halo 2 by Certain Affinity, and released alongside Tombstone as part of the Blastacular Pack. Desolation is a remake of the multiplayer map Derelict, from Halo: Combat Evolved.


The UNSC Coral Sea discovered this site - as well as many similar ones - hidden in Delta Halo’s dense jungles. Analysts believe this was once used by Forerunners to study the extensive collection of species retrieved by Lifeworkers during the Conservation Measure. After the activation of the Array and the dark time that followed, this facility was abandoned.[1]

Desolation is a remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved map Derelict. However, while developing the map, Certain Affinity found that the sleek and intersecting lines of Forerunner architecture were perfect for the map's geometry. This inspired the decision to set the map on Delta Halo, as opposed to its distinctly human predecessor.[2]


It features a similar weapon set to its precursor, but adjusted to account for Halo 2's different arsenal. For example, the assault rifle spawn is replaced by a battle rifle. There is also an energy sword to accompany the shotgun.


Production notes[edit]

  • Despite not being a fan-favourite from the original game, Derelict was chosen by Max Hoberman to bring to Halo 2 due to the the team's goal of bringing in a map that would be fun for small groups of players, and something that would appeal to fans of Midship and competitive play. To start with, Hoberman drew out the map design in Adobe Illustrator, and made alterations to the layout.[3] For the map's changes, Frank O'Connor had the following to say;[4]
Gone are the meaningless upper floor tunnels, replaced instead by ramps that allow easy access to the ground floor, and create tight close quarters battles, and occasional grenade traps. The teleports have been replaced by rapid grav lifts, more direct and quicker to use than the ramps. Graphically it’s changed quite a bit as you can see, but it will feel familiar to Halo CE fans, although we dare say, much better.


  • If you look up at one of the many lights on the upper level with your back lined up along the wall looking at the light, it appears to be in the shape of the Autobot symbol from the popular Transformers series.
  • Desolation is an elaborate remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved Multiplayer map, Derelict. In Desolation's official description, it is described as a "derelict forerunner structure awaiting to be reactivated." This is an obvious reference to the original map, Derelict.
  • On, the images for Desolation are in the /derelict/ directory, another obvious reference to the former version of this level.
  • Desolation is exclusive to the Xbox version of Halo 2, which is backwards compatible on Xbox 360. It was not officially available for Halo 2 Vista, but modders were able to port Desolation to Halo 2 Vista. Like all Halo 2 maps, it is included in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
  • Along with Backwash, Desolation is the only level in the Halo Trilogy to spawn a Sentinel beam by default.