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Prophet of Exquisite Devotion
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November 3, 2552

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The Prophet of Exquisite Devotion, born I'ra Be'Ar,[1] was a high-ranking Prophet who served on the High Council of the Covenant during the Ninth Age of Reclamation. He was one of the Prophet of Truth's most loyal followers, and was privy to Truth's plans to replace the Sangheili with the Jiralhanae.[2]


Ninth Age of Reclamation[edit]

By November, 2552, I'ra Be'Ar served as the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion in the Covenant High Council, and had become one of the High Prophet of Truth's most loyal followers and rumored to be in line to become a Hierarch himself. He was also known to entertain many alliances with fellow San'Shyuum Councilors. He was, along with Chieftain of the Jiralhanae, Tartarus, one of the Hierarch's conspirators in his plan to overthrow the Sangheili with the Jiralhanae. Following the discovery of a gateway to the Ark on Earth, Truth sought to instate Exquisite Devotion as High Charity's ruling figure while the remaining Hierarchs and High Councilors commenced the "Great Journey". As a result, Truth transferred his Secondary Administrator, Zo Resken, to Exquisite Devotion's authority, having no further need of his service.[1]

On November 2, following the assassination of the Prophet of Regret by Spartan John-117 on the surface of Installation 05 and the arrival of High Charity in the Coelest system, Exquisite Devotion accompanied Tartarus to the Palace of the Hierarchs to attend a secret meeting with the Prophet of Truth. Upon arrival in the chamber, the two were served with refreshments by the Prophet of Clarity. Truth then arrived, dismissing Resken before meeting with his fellow conspirators. The three discussed the recent assassination of Regret as well as the discovery of both Installation 05 and the Ark. Tartarus and Exqusite Devotion both expressed a desire to proceed with their plans to overthrow the Sangheili, to which Truth informed them that his Jiralhanae had already taken control of the Covenant forces at Earth from the Sangheili. However, Truth was reluctant to discuss anything further, due to worry about their meeting being eavesdropped upon. Indeed, Zo Resken had placed a shared-input directive into the communicator in Truth's throne that morning, and was able to overhear the meeting.[1]

Later that day, Resken reported to Exquisite Devotion in his office. Immediately, the High Councilor ordered Resken to stand while in his presence, an unusual protocol among the San'Shyuum. Exquisite Devotion told Resken that due to the significant difference between their ranks, he preferred the lesser Prophet to stand in order to convey his superiority. He went on to explain to Resken that during the following cycle, Tartarus would be promoted to lead the Covenant military, the Sangheili of the Covenant Honor Guard would be replaced by Jiralhanae and the Sangheili species as a whole would be demoted below the Jiralhanae. Unbeknownst to Resken, Exquisite Devotion had deliberately imparted this information to him, knowing that Resken would report it to Sangheili High Councilor Torg 'Gransamee and Commander G'torik 'Klemmee.[3]

The Great Schism[edit]

At the start of the Great Schism on November 3, 2552, Exquisite Devotion captured Sangheili Councilors Duru 'Scoahamee and K'hurk 'Bornisamee, as well as K'hurk's nephew Tilik, and held them within the chamber of Gravitational Refinement, part of the Trial Court for Tools of Conquest on board High Charity. He then sent a Jiralhanae captain and a Mgalekgolo pair to retrieve Zo Resken from the Hanging Gardens. Upon arrival at the chamber, Exquisite Devotion had his Jiralhanae disable the weaponry in Reskens chair before showing Resken his captive Sangheili. Knowing of the Prophet of Clarity's allegiance to the Sangheili, Exquisite Devotion revealed the Jiralhanae's recent massacre of the Sangheili High Councilors at Installation 05's control room, including Torg 'Gransamee. He began to brutally torture Duru 'Scoahamee, using controls on his gravity chair to manipulate the gravity on certain parts of the Sangheili's body while demanding that Resken impart information on Arbiter Thel 'Vadam's whereabouts and the strength of his forces, as well as the location of G'torik 'Klemmee, whose body had not been recovered following the massacre of the Councilors. Resken adamantly denied knowing of 'Vadamee's location, to which Exquisite Devotion proceeded to brutally kill Duru by first crushing his right hand, then his right leg, before slowly crushing his body inch by inch. He then told Resken that if he did not carry out the same torture to the young Tilik 'Bornismaee, then he would personally torture Resken using the same method. When Resken refused to participate in the sadistic torture of the Sangheili, Exquisite Devotion was genuinely surprised, but told his Jiralhanae guards to take Resken out of the chamber while he finished killing the Councilors, remarking that a traitorous San'Shyuum such as Resken might consider his death in the chamber a privilege.[3]

Unfortunately for Exquisite Devotion, Resken was soon rescued by G'torik and several other Sangheili. Upon realizing Resken's escape, Exquisite Devotion and his pair of Mgalekgolo attempted to stop their escape. Exquisite Devotion told the Mgalekgolo to hold fire while he addressed the escapees, telling them that their attacks would be fruitless due to his gravity chair's energy shielding. He told the Sangheili that if they handed over Resken, they would be free to leave. G'torik denied this, telling the Prophet to leave instead or perish along with the Mgalekgolo, before firing a burst from his plasma rifle at him. Exquisite Devotion then told the Mgalekgolo to kill all of them. During the ensuing engagement, G'torik managed to destroy several nearby transmutation cubes, obliterating both Mgalekgolo and throwing Exquisite Devotion from his chair. G'torik quickly charged the downed Prophet and used his energy sword to slice Exquisite Devotion into three pieces.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

Exquisite Devotion was a close political ally and enforcer for the Prophet of Truth, and judging from his closed conference with the Hierarch and Tartarus, was aware from the beginning of the plan to oust and eliminate the Sangheili from the Covenant. As a sign of how much he was trusted by Truth, Exquisite had full responsibility over High Charity when Truth departed for Earth in the Forerunner Dreadnought.[1]

Exquisite Devotion was greatly feared and dreaded by other members of the Covenant hierarchy, including Zo Resken and the Sangheili Councilors. When using the gravitational refinement device on the captured Councilors, he revealed an extremely sadistic and depraved personality beneath his calm, venerable exterior. He took pleasure in having power over those he imprisoned and tortured, revelling in their gruesome executions.[3]

Like most Prophets of the Covenant, his name was revealed to be ironic - he showed extreme loyalty and devotion to Truth and the Covenant by viciously torturing and murdering his opponents. He was also extremely arrogant, treating lesser Propherts such as Zo and those beneath him with contempt. He confidently taunted Zo and the Sangheili as they tried to escape - but could not save himself from vengeance at G'torik's energy sword.[3]

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The term "Exquisite Devotion" means "beautiful devotion". Like many Prophet names, this is ironic, as Exquisite Devotion demonstrated his devotion to the Covenant by murdering several Sangheili prisoners in an extremely gruesome fashion.

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