Prophet of Exquisite Devotion

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Prophet of Exquisite Devotion
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November 3, 2552

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The Prophet of Exquisite Devotion, born I'ra Be'Ar,[1] was a high-ranking Prophet who served on the High Council of the Covenant during the Ninth Age of Reclamation. He was one of the Prophet of Truth's most loyal followers, and was privy to Truth's plans to replace the Sangheili with the Jiralhanae.


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The Great Schism[edit]

At the start of the Great Schism, Exquisite Devotion tortured and murdered several captive Sangheili Councilors by using a gravitational refinement device, meant for slowly crushing bones and organs. He then ordered the Prophet of Clarity, Zo Resken, to prove his loyalty by participating in the executions. When Zo refused, Exquisite Devotion had him arrested and taken away for interrogation and execution. However, Zo was soon rescued by his Sangheili ally G'torik 'Klemmee. Exquisite Devotion and a pair of Mgalekgolo attempted to stop their escape, but the Sangheili killed the Mgalekgolo pair and disabled Exquisite Devotion's energy shield by blowing up several nearby transmutation cubes. G'torik then used his energy sword to slice Exquisite Devotion into three pieces.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Exquisite Devotion was a close political ally and enforcer for the Prophet of Truth, and judging from his closed conference with the Hierarch and Tartarus, was aware from the beginning of the plan to oust and eliminate the Sangheili from the Covenant. As a sign of how much he was trusted by Truth, Exquisite had full responsibility over High Charity when Truth departed for Earth in the Forerunner Dreadnought.

Exquisite Devotion was greatly feared and dreaded by other members of the Covenant hierarchy, including Zo Resken and the Sangheili councilors. When using the gravitational refinement device on the captured councilors, he revealed an extremely sadistic and depraved personality beneath his calm, venerable exterior. He took pleasure in having power over those he imprisoned and tortured, revelling in their gruesome executions.

Like most Prophets of the Covenant, his name was revealed to be ironic - he showed extreme loyalty and devotion to Truth and the Covenant by viciously torturing and murdering his opponents. He was also extremely arrogant, treating lesser Propherts such as Zo and those beneath him with contempt. He confidently taunted Zo and the Sangheili as they tried to escape - but could not save himself from vengeance at G'torik's energy sword.

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The term "Exquisite Devotion" means "beautiful devotion". Like many Prophet names, this is ironic, as Exquisite Devotion demonstrated his devotion to the Covenant by murdering several Sangheili prisoners in an extremely gruesome fashion.

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