Duru 'Scoahamee

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Duru 'Scoahamee
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November 3, 2552

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Duru 'Scoahamee was a Sangheili politician who served with the Covenant as a High Councilor towards the end of the Human-Covenant War.[1]


In 2552, Duru 'Scoahamee had become a High Councilor of the Covenant High Council. He was one of the few Sangheili High Councilors that was not present at Installation 05's Control Room on November 3, 2552, and was therefore not massacred alongside most of his peers by a contingent of Jiralhanae led by Captain Melchus. However, Duru was captured by the Covenant—along with K'hurk 'Bornisamee and Tilik 'Bornisamee—and brought to the Trial Court for Tools of Conquest's chamber of Gravitational Refinement that same day.[1]

For conspiring with the Sangheili, the Prophet of Clarity was brought to the chamber by the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion. Exquisite Devotion had Captain Melchus lead Duru into a room, where the Prophet operated a gravitational device that slammed Duru hard onto his back, while Clarity watched in horror. Increasing the force of gravity on Duru's right hand, Exquisite Devotion crushed it while the Sangheili screamed in agony. Exquisite Devotion attempted to interrogate Clarity about the location of Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, who was now leading Sangheili forces against the Covenant after his supposed death at the hands of Tartarus. When Clarity truthfully insisted that he was unaware of the Arbiter's whereabouts, Exquisite Devotion increased the force of gravity on Duru's leg, crushing the limb to just above the knee. The Prophet proceeded to slowly crush the rest of Duru's body, as the other Sangheili and Clarity watched in terror. The other Sangheili soon met the same fate, but Clarity was able to escape the chamber.[2]

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