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G'torik 'Klemmee
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G'torik 'Klemmee is a Sangheili Field Commander who served with the Covenant, until the Great Schism.[1]


Field Commander G'torik 'Klemmee was allegedly the nephew of High Councilor Torg 'Gransamee, although it was very likely that he was in fact the latter's son. G'torik and Torg formed a friendship and close alliance with Zo Resken, the Prophet of Clarity. On November 2, 2552, Torg and G'torik met with Resken in the Hanging Gardens of High Charity. The three conversed about recent events, and the Prophet confirmed the Sangheili's suspicions: the High Prophet of Truth allowed SPARTAN-II John-117 to kill the High Prophet of Regret by calling off the latter's reinforcements. As the discussion ended, Resken agreed to keep them informed on the conflicts between the Hierarchs.[1] Later that day, Resken had eavesdropped on a conversation between Truth and Tartarus, and learned that the two were plotting to replace the Sangheili with the Jiralhanae. Following through with his promise, Resken met with G'torik in the Chancel of Recovery. Resken warned G'torik of Truth's intentions and advised him to only tell certain, high-ranking Sangheili that would keep the secret of what G'torik had just learned.[2] Following the Changing of the Guard, Torg had charged G'torik with being his personal protector, as the High Councilor did not trust the newly appointed Jiralhanae Honor Guardsmen.[3]

The Great Schism[edit]

On November 3, 2552, the Sangheili High Councilors and their bodyguards, including G'torik, traveled to the Control Room of Installation 05 to prepare it for the activation index. Although the Sangheili were confused by the lack of the San'Shyuum High Councilors' presence, they continued to wait patiently. After some time, a heavily armed contingent of Jiralhanae led by Captain Melchus entered the Control Room. Suddenly, following orders from the High Prophet of Truth, Melchus charged at the Sangheili and his Jiralhanae followed suit. An engagement broke out between the two species, with the outnumbered Sangheili being backed into a corner. Insisting for Torg to stay behind him, G'torik charged at Melchus himself, hoping that the Jiralhanae would become confused without their leader. The captain easily destroyed G'torik's plasma rifle with his gravity hammer, and briefly incapacitated the Sangheili. As G'torik picked up two energy swords, he witnessed Melchus killing Torg. G'torik and the other surviving Sangheili charged at the captain. The captain swiftly killed the other Sangheili, while G'torik managed to slash Melchus with the energy swords several times. Finally receiving minor wounds from G'torik, Melchus slammed his hammer into the ground and used its gravitational-force shock wave ability to knock G'torik off the bridge of the Control Room. G'torik's fall was broken by a pile of dead Sangheili, but he was rendered unconscious.[3]

Surviving the massacre, G'torik found an opportunity to escape and stowed away on a Phantom. Eventually returning to High Charity, G'torik met with Crun 'Brinsmee and Tul 'Imjanamee.[4] Meanwhile, the conversation between Resken, Torg, and G'torik that took place the previous day had been recorded by spy probes. The Covenant intentionally allowed G'torik to warn other Sangheili about the San'Shyuum's possible betrayal.[5] When the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion and Melchus brought Resken before them, they attempted to get him to kill captured Sangheili. G'torik, Crun, and Tul hacked into one of Exquisite Devotion's spy probes and listened in on the conversation between Resken and Exquisite Devotion. Resken refused to kill the Sangheili, leading to Exquisite Devotion ordering his execution. As Resken was being led away by two Jiralhanae, the three Sangheili ambushed them. G'torik killed one with his energy sword, while Crun killed the other with a plasma grenade. The group escaped through an unstable maintenance room, where Exquisite Devotion and two Mgalekgolo caught up to them. The Sangheili refused to surrender to them and instead, G'torik and Crun fired upon transmutation cubes built into pipes and a series of conduits. The cubes and pipes exploded, killing the Mgalekgolo and knocking Exquisite Devotion to the ground. G'torik charged at the Prophet and cut him into three pieces with his sword. With the help of Huragok Sluggish Drifter, the group escaped into a small maintenance vessel. The ship was piloted out of High Charity and into a small supply ship, Journey's Sustenance, captained by Shipmaster D'ero 'S'budee. Once they were secured in the supply ship's hangar, they escaped into slipspace.[6]

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Personality and traits[edit]

G'torik 'Klemmee was bold. He bravely dueled Melchus twice, despite the latter being heavily armed and more powerful. G'torik had never been a particularly religious Sangheili, although he felt a shudder of devotion when he first arrived on Installation 05. He felt ashamed at his lack of piety while he stood on the surface of the ringworld, an object that he believed to be an "impossible creation".[3]

Initially, G'torik admired and trusted the San'Shyuum Hierarchs and High Councilors that ruled the Covenant. After learning that some of them wished to betray the Sangheili, he claimed that the titles some of them possessed brought shame to the Covenant. However, he retained his respect for Zo Resken for taking the time to know and befriend Sangheili—beyond what was necessary for his occupation—and seeing his race as "souls".[2] G'torik risked his life to rescue Resken from execution at the hands of the Prophet of Exquisite Devotion and Melchus. He refused to leave the San'Shyuum behind, even when he proved to be slowing them down due to his frail figure.[6]

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