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Journey's Sustenance
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Fleet of Blessed Veneration

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Shipmaster D'ero 'S'bud


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Journey's Sustenance is a relatively small supply vessel in service with the Covenant Fleet of Blessed Veneration. The vessel was commanded by Shipmaster D'ero 'S'bud.[1]


Journey's Sustenance was once a fleet supply ship for the Fleet of Blessed Veneration and was intended to deliver a shipment of foodstuff and other goods at the outbreak of the Great Schism. As the fall of High Charity began on November 3, 2552, Shipmaster D'ero 'S'budee reluctantly defected from the Covenant like most Sangheili. The shipmaster received a message from Special Operations Commander Rtas 'Vadum stating that Tartarus had been killed and the activation of Installation 05 had been averted.[1] Meanwhile, San'Shyuum Zo Resken, Huragok Sluggish Drifter, and Sangheili Tul 'Imjanamee, G'torik 'Klemmee, and Crun 'Brinsmee escaped the conflict in a small maintenance shuttle. The group piloted the shuttle into an air lock on Journey's Sustenance and departed the Coelest system seconds later through slipstream space.[2] Sometime later, the ship exited slipspace in the Ussan system over a gas giant. The system was chosen by D'ero because the Covenant had little data on it and is a scarlet border on system charts, meaning the system is forbidden to members of the Covenant and thus they would likely not be discovered there. The group abandoned their old Covenant ranks and titles, and the Sangheili removed their "-ee" suffix from their names. Resken realized that the Ussan system was home to the Refuge, the shield world that had been colonized by Ussa 'Xellus and his fellow insurgents to escape the founding of the Covenant. Resken's ancestor, Mken 'Scre'ah'ben, had witnessed Ussa cause the shield world to seemingly explode to further evade the Covenant, however Mken wrote that he believed the Ussans survived. At Resken's urgings, the Sangheili agreed to remain in the system to search for the remains of the shield world.[1]

The crew of Journey's Sustenance continued to search the Ussan system for nearly a year. The lack of long-range scanning equipment made the search difficult, with millions of kilometers to cover. During the time, the vessel explored and examined rocky moons, planets with methane winds, comets, and the system's asteroid belt.[3] The crew had also discovered logs of captains that had spoken to Kig-Yar pirates that claimed that they had been fired upon within the system.[4] By 2553, the food supply was beginning to dwindle and petty arguments kept breaking out. Only planetary exploration kept the crew's interests.[3] Eventually, the ship received another transmission revealing that the Covenant had been dissolved, its Hierarchs killed, and an alliance had formed between the Sangheili and humans. While the crew contemplated returning to Sanghelios, D'ero discovered the Ussan colony hidden within the asteroid belt.[5] When Journey's Sustenance arrived at colony, known as the Refuge, a battle had broken out between the Ussans and 'Kinsa and his followers. The vessel came across a maintenance vehicle used by the Ussans that had been damaged by 'Kinsa's followers. Bringing the vehicle into the ship's freight hold, the crew discovered its surviving occupant, V'ornik 'Gred. Ejecting the vehicle before it exploded, the crew then spoke to 'Gred. After learning that the crew could take him to Sanghelios and that Sluggish Drifter could repair the Refuge, 'Gred agreed to help the crew get into the Refuge.[6] While the rest of the crew helped the Ussans defeat the insurgents, D'ero waited inside Journey's Sustenance.[7] Eventually, the Sangheili returned to Sanghelios, while Resken and Sluggish Drifter remained in the Refuge.[8]

Design details[edit]

Journey's Sustenance was relatively small for a Covenant vessel. The vessel had a transparent, reflective port.[1] Journey's Sustenance was not equipped with long-range scanning equipment. Although the vessel did have a weak gravitation field that was capable of pulling in objects in space. The ship's pressure-suit storage hold also served as a laboratory for the ship's crew.[3] The vessel had a large freight hold used to store foodstuffs and supplies.[9]

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