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"You have two very capable clanfellows in Xelq and V'ornik, Kaidon. They cooperated when there was no logical alternative. That is precisely when one engage in such a risk."
Enduring Bias to Bal'Tol 'Xellus[1]

V'ornik 'Gred is a Sangheili Ussan that lives on the Refuge[2] and the first Ussan to make contact with other Sangheili since 850 BCE.[3]


"You have always thought me a fool, Xelq, but this time you must trust me! They are here to help us! Just this once—trust me!"
— V'ornik to Xelq 'Tylk[4]

After 'Kinsa led a rebellion against the Ussans and claimed several sections of the Refuge for himself in 2553, it became apparent that the colony's failing repellent field generators needed repairing. After realizing that the supplies needed to repair the generators were located in Section Two, which was controlled by 'Kinsa's revived 'Greftus Faction, Kaidon Bal'Tol 'Xellus organized a raiding party to retrieve the supplies.[5] V'ornik 'Gred was chosen for this mission, along with C'tenz and Torren—despite V'ornik's and Torren's lack of experience with the pressure suits required for the mission.[2]

Manning a maintenance vehicle, the three cut into the side of Section Two and entered through the breached hull. As they made their way towards an airlock, it was suddenly opened by 'Kinsa's followers. As the Ussans attempted to engage the hostiles, Torren was killed while C'tenz was captured. V'ornik retreated and attempted to escape aboard the maintenance vehicle. However, two of 'Kinsa's followers damaged its engines with their sidearms and the vehicle was sent spiraling uncontrollably through space. Though the mission failed, Bal'Tol challenged 'Kinsa to a floatfighting match to determine which faction would take control of the Refuge.[2]

Meanwhile, V'ornik's maintenance vehicle was detected by the crew of Journey's Sustenance, a supply ship of the Covenant that had fled the Great Schism with several Sangheili, San'Shyuum Zo Resken, and Huragok Sluggish Drifter. The vehicle was pulled into the ship's freight bay, where V'ornik exited it as the ship's crew watched. Speaking Old Sangheili, he was barely understandable to the other Sangheili members of the ship. Suddenly, the maintenance vehicle became unstable and they were forced to retreat from the bay as Shipmaster D'ero 'S'bud ejected the craft by decompressing the bay seconds before it exploded. V'ornik was given translation software from the ship's crew to make communication easier. Upon learning that D'ero was from Sanghelios, he asked to be taken there, though D'ero was reluctant to trust the strange Sangheili. After they revealed that Sluggish Drifter was capable of repairing nearly anything, V'ornik agreed to take them to the Refuge.[3] Taking the supply ship's maintenance shuttle to travel to the Refuge, V'ornik led most of the crew of Journey's Sustenance into the Refuge. V'ornik convinced acting kaidon Xelq 'Tylk to allow them to enter the Refuge.[4] V'ornik took Sluggish Drifter to Enduring Bias, the damaged monitor of the colony that had been disabled in an accident centuries ago. Sluggish Drifter was then able to repair Enduring Bias for the Ussans. The monitor came across Bal'Tol and intervened in the floatfight match between the Ussans and 'Kinsa's followers, killing 'Kinsa and V'urm 'Kerdeck. Meanwhile, V'ornik freed C'tenz from his restraints.[6]

After the rebellion was quelled, Bal'Tol prepared to deliver a speech to the colony with V'ornik, Xelq, C'tenz, and Enduring Bias at his side. After his speech, V'ornik sat behind Bal'Tol while Enduring Bias joined the fragmented sections of the Refuge together, forming a connected, ring-shaped structure for the Ussans to live in.[7]

Personality and traits[edit]

According to monitor Enduring Bias, V'ornik was a very capable individual as he knew that risks should be taken when there is no logical alternative.[1] V'ornik was amazed the first time he saw Zo Resken, as he had never seen a San'Shyuum before. Upon learning that Shipmaster D'ero 'S'bud was born on Sanghelios, he was astonished and hesitantly touched his shoulder, apparently to ensure that he was real. When Huragok Sluggish Drifter approached V'ornik with the intentions to repair his damaged pressure suit, V'ornik was frightened by the species and drew his weapon. Although he accepted Sluggish Drifter as an ally after learning that he could repair the damaged parts of his home.[3] Bal'Tol noted that V'ornik was quite proud of helping the Refuge by working with the former members of the Covenant.[7]

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