'Greftus Faction

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Way of 'Greftus
Government overview




'Insa 'Greftus

Head of state:

'Insa 'Greftus

Societal overview


The Refuge

Official language(s):

Old Sangheili[2]

Official religion(s):

Worship of the Forerunners; rejection of the Great Journey

Historical overview




The 'Greftus Faction, also called the Way of 'Greftus, was a rebellious group of Ussans from the Sangheili colony of the Refuge.[3]



Established sometime in the 26th century, the 'Greftus Faction was founded by the dissident leader 'Insa 'Greftus, who believed that entities called the Forgotten Gods channeled themselves physically through him and wanted the Ussans to depart from their colony in search of Sanghelios. His apocalyptic ravings and desire to leave the Refuge by any means possible soon attracted a cult following of rebels. The then kaidon of the Refuge, N'Zursa 'Xellus, dismissed 'Greftus' claims, stating that he was suffering from Blood Sickness, a disease that induced madness among the Ussans. The 'Greftusian uprising was temporarily quelled when N'Zursa 'Xellus' had 'Greftus arrested and then publicly executed by ejecting him from an airlock into space.[4]


Years later, in 2552, a resurgence of the Way of 'Greftus arose in Section 5 of the Refuge, this time led by a Blood Sick Sangheili named Oska 'Meln who called himself 'Kinsa. Claiming that he shared his body with the spirit of 'Insa 'Greftus, 'Kinsa voiced out 'Greftus' ideals and initiated another uprising in the colony.[5] According to 'Kinsa, the dilapidation of the Refuge's structural pieces was proof of the wrath of the Forgotten Gods. He further claimed that through his connection to 'Greftus, he channeled the wrath of Forerunner Sun deity. Kaidon Bal'Tol 'Xellus immediately sought to quell the rebirth of the 'Greftus Faction and confronted 'Kinsa and his followers outside the Hall of the Godminds. Bal'Tol offered the Blood Sick a chance to live in isolation, until a cure for the disease could be found. However, 'Kinsa refused to be apprehended and a violent stand-off ensued. Underestimating 'Kinsa's influence in the section, Bal'Tol and his patrollers were unable to detain him as he escaped from the area with a handful of insurgents.[6]

As the revolt grew in the following months, the 'Greftus Faction succeeded in taking control of Sections Two, Three, Four, and Five, where they strictly enforced the worship of 'Greftus. After capturing 'Xellus' friend C'tenz, 'Kinsa ordered Bal'Tol to surrender to him in exchange for C'tenz's freedom. Instead, Bal'Tol challenged him to a floatfight match in the Combat Section to determine which side would rule the Refuge. 'Kinsa reluctantly accepted his offer after being pressured by his followers.[7] During the match Bal'Tol was nearly killed but was saved by the recently repaired monitor Enduring Bias.

'Kinsa attempted to destroy the monitor with a mec-missiler, but he was quickly killed by him when his bolt proved to be ineffective against Enduring Bias. Bal'Tol then gave permission for Enduring Bias to help liberate sections of the Refuge still under control by the rest of 'Kinsa's followers. While the Ussans used rocket launchers to eliminate the hostile forces, the rebels used mec-missile launchers, although, Bias would shoot each hostile missile out of the air with a pulse beam. The Ussans had Enduring Bias record the elimination of the 'Greftus Faction and transmit the video to every Sangheili on the colony. Eventually, Bias had the Ussans stop firing in order to prevent them from damaging the Refuge's technology. Instead, Enduring Bias used his pulse beam to kill all of the hostile rebels, with some surrendering to the monitor. After helping to quell the rebellion, Bias and the huragok Sluggish Drifter worked together to form a cure for the remaining Sangheili afflicted by Blood Sickness.[8]


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