N'Zursa 'Xellus

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N'Zursa 'Xellus
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The Refuge


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N'Zursa 'Xellus was a kaidon of the Refuge and a descendant of Ussa 'Xellus.[1]


N'Zursa 'Xellus was the kaidon sometime prior to 2552. He had learned a method of meditation that originated from an unidentified prisoner that was from a distant world who stumbled upon the Refuge decades earlier. N'Zursa taught this method to his nephew, Bal'Tol 'Xellus.[1]

During N'Zursa's rule, 'Insa 'Greftus led a rebellion in Section Five and declared that the "Forgotten Gods" wanted the Sangheili to return to Sanghelios. 'Xellus dismissed all of 'Greftus' claims, stating that he was addled with Blood Sickness. N'Zursa insisted that there was no Forgotten Gods, and 'Greftus did not know the way to Sanghelios. Instead, he declared that the Ussans must remain in the Refuge until the path to their homeworld was discovered. Shortly after, N'Zursa had guards arrest 'Greftus, and then had the rebel ejected from an airlock into space, thus temporarily putting an end to the 'Greftus Faction.[2] When sections of the Refuge began to falter, N'Zursa suggested moving all vital equipment to the Primary Section. However, section captains refused, since they believed that their sections would be left vulnerable and discounted.[3] After N'Zursa 'Xellus' death, Bal'Tol was titled kaidon.[1]

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