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November 3, 2552

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"You will not touch 'Kinsa! He alone knows the way to Sanghelios! Death to anyone who approaches him!"
— Norzessa[1]

Norzessa was a Sangheili Ussan and a floatfighting hero on the Refuge.[2]


Norzessa was a famous floatfight hero, considered to quite possibly be the most adored participant in the entire sport. As Norzessa's energy and resourcefulness in the Combat Section had impressed Kaidon Bal'Tol 'Xellus, he had been rewarded with the Relic Medal, which he got to claim for one Refuge year. His face had become heavily scarred from floatfighting.[2]

By November 3, 2552, Norzessa had fallen victim to Blood Sickness. He had become a rapt listener of 'Kinsa, who claimed to be 'Insa 'Greftus' successor. Norzessa and the rest of 'Kinsa's followers gathered in the statue garden in the Hall of Godminds in Section Five of the Refuge. When the group was approached by Bal'Tol, C'tenz, Tirk 'Surb, priest Tup 'Quk, and six patrollers, Norzessa kept his ground and eyed the priest. As an argument began between both groups, Norzessa suddenly leapt to his feet and approached Bal'Tol's group. He drew his quartermoon blade and claimed that only 'Kinsa knew the way to Sanghelios. When several more of 'Kinsa's followers ambushed Bal'Tol's group, a firefight began. Norzessa charged at the kaidon and C'tenz; though C'tenz managed to impale Norzessa with his burnblade, the Blood Sick Sangheili showed no pain. Bal'Tol drove his own sword into Norzessa's side and Norzessa pushed both of them away. A patroller put himself in between Bal'Tol and Norzessa, hoping to defend the kaidon, but he was easily decapitated by the skilled floatfighter. Bal'Tol rushed Norzessa and stabbed him though the throat with his sword, but Norzessa continued to fight. C'tenz severed Norzessa's blade arm, and the Blood Sick Sangheili dropped to his knees, starting to drown in his own blood. C'tenz stabbed him two more times, and Norzessa died convulsing. Ultimately, 'Kinsa and a handful of his followers managed to escape the area.[2]

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