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Torg 'Gransamee
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November 3, 2552

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Torg 'Gransamee was a Sangheili politician who served the Covenant as a High Councilor towards the end of the Human-Covenant War.[1]


High Councilor Torg 'Gransamee was allegedly the uncle of G'torik 'Klemmee, although it was very likely that he was in fact the latter's father. Torg and G'torik formed a friendship and close alliance with Zo Resken, the Prophet of Clarity. On November 2, 2552, Torg and G'torik met with Clarity in the Hanging Gardens of High Charity. The three conversed about recent events, and the Prophet confirmed the Sangheili's suspicions: the High Prophet of Truth allowed Spartan-II John-117 to kill the High Prophet of Regret by calling off the latter's reinforcements. As the discussion ended, Clarity agreed to keep them informed on the conflicts between the Hierarchs.[1] Regret's death led to the Changing of the Guard, as Sangheili Honor Guardsmen were replaced with Jiralhanae. Like many High Councilors, Torg did not trust the Jiralhanae Honor Guardsmen. Instead, Torg had charged G'torik with being his personal protector.[2]

Torg was one of the High Councilors that did not threaten to resign from the High Council when the Hierarchs replaced the Sangheili Honor Guardsmen with the Jiralhanae, without the approval of the Council. Instead, on November 3, 2552, Torg, G'torik, and other like-minded High Councilors convened at Installation 05's Control Room to prepare it for the activation index. Torg led the other High Councilors and their bodyguards—former Sangheili Honor Guardsmen—to the center of the Control Room to await the arrival of the San'Shyuum High Councilors. After patiently waiting for some time for the San'Shyuum, a large, heavily armed contingent of Jiralhanae led by Captain Melchus arrived at the Control Room. G'torik worried that the Jiralhanae were going to betray the Sangheili. While Torg attempted to reassure him otherwise, Melchus suddenly roared and charged at the Sangheili with his powerful gravity hammer, under the orders of the Prophet of Truth. Insisting for Torg to stay behind him, G'torik charged at Melchus and attempted to kill the captain himself. However, G'torik was defeated by Melchus and left briefly incapacitated. With most of the Sangheili dead, Melchus confronted Torg as G'torik watched helplessly. The captain quickly bested the elderly High Councilor, and crushed Torg's neck with his boot. As Torg died, G'torik again charged at Melchus. However, G'torik was unable to avenge his uncle and was left for dead, rendered unconscious by Melchus atop of a pile of Sangheili corpses.[2]

Although Torg died as a victim of the Sangheili High Councilor massacre, G'torik managed to escape. Meanwhile, the conversation between the Prophet of Clarity, Torg, and G'torik that took place the previous day had been recorded by spy probes. The Prophet of Exquisite Devotion attempted to execute Clarity for "treason" against the Covenant, though his execution was prevented by G'torik and several other Sangheili.[3]

Personality and traits[edit]

Torg 'Gransamee was an outspoken Sangheili. He openly believed that the destruction of Installation 04 was due to a military failure, rather than spiritual unworthiness. Like other members of the Covenant, he regarded Spartan-II John-117 as a "Demon". Torg knew that the Covenant could not underestimate the Spartan and questioned whether he could even be killed. Knowing the Covenant regretted underestimating the Spartan before, Torg chose to believe that the Demon could not die.[1] Torg was very religious and loyal to the Covenant; he was one of the several High Councilors that did not threaten to resign from the High Council due to the Changing of the Guard. He trusted the San'Shyuum and did not believe that they would betray the Sangheili. However, he did not trust the Jiralhanae.[2]

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