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High Prophet of Regret
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High Charity


October 28, 2461[1]


November 2, 2552 (aged 91)

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218.44 centimeters (7 ft 2.00 in)[1] (in gravity throne)[2]


92.6 kilograms (204.1 lb)[1]

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"Every member of the Covenant shall walk the path. None will be left behind when our Great Journey begins. That is the Prophets' age-old promise, and it shall be fulfilled!"
— The Prophet of Regret

The High Prophet of Regret, born Lod Mron,[1] was the youngest of the three San'Shyuum High Prophets who led the Covenant High Council during the Human-Covenant War. Rash, ambitious, immature, and naive compared to the other Hierarchs, Regret originally served as Vice Minister of Tranquility, where he worked frequently with Sangheili and had adopted some of their personality traits, such as a preoccupation with honor and personal arms.[3] In many ways, he can be characterized as a Prophet who thought like an Elite; a rare mindset for his species, and from the High Prophet of Truth's point of view, a dangerous one. Regret was intelligent and fiercely opposed humanity through the course of the war.[4] He expected his soldiers to obey him without question.[5]


Age of Doubt[edit]

During the 23rd Age of Doubt, 2524 by the UNSC Military Calendar, Lod Mron held the post of Vice Minister of Tranquility. He was unique among the Prophets for his confrontational demeanor, a trait he gained from working with the Sangheili.[6] He informed the Minister of Fortitude, Ord Casto about the existence of Harvest and what they believed to be a vast repository of Forerunner artifacts. Tranquility sent a Jiralhanae crew to search for survivors of the ship that discovered Harvest and, at Fortitude's recommendation, told the Jiralhanae to execute survivors if they were found with stolen artifacts.[7] After conspiring with Fortitude to gain these artifacts for their own use, he helped him by pretending to sympathize with those blacklisted from reproducing due to inbreeding, which included the Prophet of Restraint. After pretending to be the father of two children Restraint had unlawfully fathered, Tranquility blackmailed Restraint into stepping down from his position as High Prophet.[8]

Before their coup, the Prophets visited the Philologist Hod Rumnt, leader of the ascetic priests aboard the Forerunner Dreadnought and keeper of the Oracle, which was actually the long-dormant Mendicant Bias, an ancient AI that had not spoken to anyone for thousands of years.[9] When the Luminaries of Harvest were entered into its matrix, the Oracle reactivated and said the symbols had been misinterpreted: the symbol didn't mean "Reclamation", but "Reclaimer", who it called his makers. Fortitude concluded that the these Reclaimers, the planet's aliens, were living Forerunners who had been left behind when the others transcended. Tranquility refused to believe this and accused the Philologist of tampering with the Oracle. As it attempted to launch the Dreadnought from High Charity the Lekgolo worms inside the Dreadnought short-circuited it and stopped Mendicant Bias.[10] Fortitude, Tranquility, and the Philologist made the decision to disconnect the Oracle from the ship and decided to eradicate humanity before any of the Covenant learned that the most basic premise of their faith was false, and that "living gods" would probably replace the Prophets. As such, their ascension was made, taking the names of Truth, Regret and Mercy.[11]

Age of Reclamation[edit]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

The High Prophet of Regret during his early years as a Hierarch.

"The Journey requires sacrifice! Set the charges. Return to us! Our patience is not infinite!"
— Regret, speaking via hologram to Ripa 'Moramee

Upon the onset of the Human-Covenant War, Regret formalized the Fleet of Glorious Interdiction; a Sangheili-led military force under his personal supervision,[12] and appointed Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee as its leader, choosing him for his ruthlessness and undying loyalty.[5] Obsessed with the Forerunners and the prospect of activating the Halo Array, Regret dispatched 'Moramee on numerous missions throughout Covenant and human space to find the means to do this.[13]

At Trove, in a Forerunner installation known as the Apex Site, Regret discussed with Ripa the state of the installation, and that the recently glassed human world Harvest had a Forerunner relic buried in the planet's northern polar region. Regret sent Ripa to go and recover the secrets the site held to hopefully get his key to the Apex Site.[14] However, the relic on Harvest proved to be some sort of Forerunner mapping device, and with UNSC forces closing in however, Regret ordered that the relic be destroyed to prevent the retrieved information from falling into human hands. Against his instincts, the Arbiter obeyed.[15] However, despite Covenant efforts, the site was not destroyed, allowing the humans to learn of the information that Regret planned to use.

Regret and Ripa 'Moramee.

Later, at the Apex Site, Regret discussed with the Arbiter his plans to activate the Forerunner Sojourner-class dreadnoughts located there. When he could not activate the artifact himself, he ordered the Arbiter to capture the human female, Ellen Anders, who they encountered at the "Ice Relic" and bring her to the Apex.[16] Later when the Arbiter returned with her, Regret was in disbelief, saying "you would hardly think them a threat." When they learned the humans were closing in on them Regret evacuated to High Charity.[17] However, Regret's plans to use the dormant ships were foiled when the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire induced the collapse of the Shield World's internal sun, destroying all the ships and the planet. The Arbiter was also killed by Sergeant John Forge during the battle, depriving Regret of his prized warrior.[18]

Rubble crisis[edit]

About four years later, Regret was present at the Battle of Charybdis IX, with his personal cruiser, Infinite Sacrifice, where he oversaw Thel 'Vadamee and his crew destroy three human destroyers. At Regret's orders, 'Vadamee went aboard the cruiser to report to the High Prophet.[19] Aboard the Infinite Sacrifice, Regret showed 'Vadamee a human-modified Covenant weapon. Regret revealed that he had found the modified weapons in Kig-Yar black markets found on High Charity. Regret told 'Vadamee to find the source of the modified weapons at the 23 Librae system, with a Kig-Yar vessel escort, and execute the Kig-Yar "pirates".[20] As 'Vadamee made his way to return to his destroyer, Regret ordered him to glass Charybdis IX with the Infinite Sacrifice.[21] Little did Regret know that he was, in fact, interfering with the Prophet of Truth's plans to find the location of all of the human colonies and Earth.[22]

Several days later, Regret was still in the Charybdis system when the Prophet of Truth visited his cruiser. Truth revealed his plan to Regret and informed him that the Kig-Yar leader, Reth, was attempting to find the coordinates to Earth while creating a large Unggoy army. Truth informed Regret that the Jiralhanae crew aboard A Psalm Every Day had betrayed 'Vadamee and suggested that Regret should execute them to prevent the rest of High Charity finding out. Then, the Infinite Sacrifice left the system to follow the coordinates to the world where Reth was creating the Unggoy army.[23]

After the cruiser arrived in the 23 Librae system, the Hierarchs discovered that the human insurgent base, the Rubble, had been destroyed in a battle, and unfortunately Reth and his army were killed. After the battle, 'Vadamee and Zhar were brought before Truth and Regret aboard the Infinite Sacrifice.[24] Upon being told that he was to be executed for his failures, Zhar drew his energy sword with the intent to murder the Prophet of Truth. However, Thel anticipated Zhar's attack, decapitating his former friend with his own energy sword. This left Regret heavily shaken. In return, 'Vadamee was granted command of a ship in a new Covenant fleet and was ordered never to speak of the events that had transpired.[25] After the incident, the two Hierarchs returned to High Charity and decided that they needed to be more careful of the Sangheili "for the good of the Covenant".[26]

Finding the Ark's location[edit]

Regret suggesting that Truth "make an example" out of the Supreme Commander inside the Council Chamber (transmitting as a hologram) after the Battle of Installation 04.

In 2551, a small Covenant team found a Luminary on Meridian after a battle on the moon, and the Luminary was delivered to Regret. By late 2552, two Stewards assigned to decrypt the Luminary finally revealed its content to Regret: the locations of the Halo rings and the place where the rings were created: the Ark, along with the location of a device which would generate a slipspace portal to the Ark, where the Covenant believed they could begin their "Great Journey" by activating the Halo Array. When Regret asked where the Portal was located, the Stewards revealed it was on a planet called "Erde-Tyrene". Immediately after this revelation Regret, without informing the other Hierarchs, ordered all ships at his disposal (two assault carriers and thirteen battlecruisers) to go to Erde-Tyrene.[27] Unbeknownst to Regret, Erde-Tyrene was humanity's homeworld, Earth. Even before the Prophet of Regret learning the location of human's homeworld, the Prophet of Truth knew of the human presence on Earth after discovering the planet following the Fall of Reach, and he had kept it, along with his personal plans for the planet and the Covenant, a closely guarded secret as he assembled a fleet of over 500 ships, but was ultimately delayed by the UNSC survivors of Reach and Installation 04.[28]

On his way to Earth, Regret was holographically present at the trial of the Sangheili Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee (later the new Arbiter) who was responsible for the loss of Installation 04. Regret helped condemn 'Vadamee and suggested that Truth "make an example" out of him.[29]

Battle for Earth[edit]

Main articles: Battle for Earth, Battle of Mombasa

"Dear humanity, we Regret being alien bastards, we Regret coming to Earth, and we most definitely Regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy ass fleet!"
— Sgt. Johnson to Miranda Keyes on Regret's message.

When Regret arrived near Earth on October 20, 2552, he quickly found himself greatly outnumbered by UNSC defenses. Instead of retreating, however, he sped towards the planet in religious fervor, sending forces to destroy the orbital defense platforms Malta, Athens, and Cairo so that he could push through into the heart of Africa aboard his personal flagship, Solemn Penance.[28] Despite the Master Chief's actions, his ship made it to the ground and deployed the first full-scale invasion force by the Covenant on Earth.[30]

After landing in New Mombasa, Regret's forces searched the city for the Forerunner artifact, supported by Scarabs and many Phantom dropships. The humans, however, managed to rout Regret's forces in the city, and also destroyed the remainder of his fleet, but not before his forces found at least some of the information that they had been looking for. As the UNSC forces approached his carrier, Regret's ship initiated a slipspace jump in the middle of New Mombasa to Installation 05: from Regret's point of view, his troops had achieved their objective. The force generated by the jump heavily damaged the city. The move was so surprising that only the UNSC In Amber Clad and a few other UNSC ships were able to follow the carrier through the slipspace rupture.[31][32] Not long after Regret had left, an additional fleet sent by the Prophet of Truth arrived at Earth and deployed forces in Mombasa to pick up where Regret had left off.[28]

Using data from the Luminary he had previously obtained at Meridian,[27] Regret's jump took the Solemn Penance and the In Amber Clad to Installation 05.[33]

Battle of Installation 05[edit]

Main article: Battle of Installation 05
John-117 and Cortana observing Regret's sermon.

"I shall light this holy ring, release its cleansing flame, and burn a path into the divine beyond."
— Regret

Regret's carrier deployed ground and infantry forces onto the surface of Installation 05, and set up a presence around a temple in the middle of a lake, from which Regret began his religious sermons.[33] He transmitted an apology to the Prophet of Truth, indicating that he couldn't have known that the humans would be on Earth or in such force. Truth responded that only the Prophet of Mercy had spared him from public condemnation. Nevertheless, High Charity and the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity rushed to the new Halo, and a flight of Phantoms was deployed to retrieve the Hierarch.[34]

John-117 reels his fist back to violently punch the Prophet of Regret.

In Amber Clad arrived in the system soon after and deployed ODST forces on Installation 05 along with the Master Chief to locate and kill Regret. The operation was a success, with the Spartan breaking through Covenant defenses. John-117 and two Marines battled the Hierarch while fighting through waves his Elite bodyguards. The Spartan was able to evade Regret's guards and board his Gravity Throne, dispatching Regret with several punches to the head. Regret's Gravity Throne subsequently lost control and exploded. Soon afterward, the High Prophet of Truth ordered the Phantoms to return to High Charity and an assault carrier to use its energy projector to destroy the temple.[34]

Part of the Flood[edit]

Regret as part of the Gravemind.

Regret's body was flung into the depths of the large lake surrounding the temple and later discovered by the Gravemind nested underneath the installation. His body was assimilated and reanimated by the Gravemind, although unlike many other Flood victims, he seems to have retained his individual consciousness even after his body had been completely absorbed by the Flood. After the Arbiter and John-117 were captured by the Gravemind, the Flood intelligence brought out Regret and the monitor 2401 Penitent Tangent to demonstrate to the Arbiter the truth about the Halos. Regret was displeased to see Penitent Tangent and claimed that nothing could be done until his sermon was complete. However, Penitent Tangent denied this and accused Regret of knowing nothing about containment. Annoyed, Regret told the Arbiter that the Oracles were useless as they knew nothing about the Great Journey. Fed up with Regret and having made his point, the Gravemind lowered the High Prophet and monitor back where they had come from, causing Regret to scream in fear. The Gravemind, backed up by the Master Chief, told the Arbiter that Regret's Great Journey and Penitent Tangent's containment were the same and attempted to get the Arbiter to understand the truth about the Halo Array.[35] It was later thanks to Regret that the Gravemind discovered the location of the gateway to the Ark.[36]

What remained of Regret was destroyed with the Gravemind when the replacement for Installation 04 was prematurely fired by the Master Chief and Cortana at the conclusion of the Raid on Installation 08.[37]

Personality and traits[edit]

"Nothing can be done until my sermon is complete!"
— Regret on activating Delta Halo, after being absorbed by Gravemind

Regret has shown his reckless nature more than a few times. Being the youngest of the Hierarchs, he tends to act rashly without thinking; he adopted his aggressive and brash demeanor during his extensive service alongside the Sangheili in missionary and expeditionary affairs.[36]

His recklessness and failure to communicate with the other Prophets caused significant trouble for Thel 'Vadamee and the Prophet of Truth when he ordered his forces to deal with the humans at the Rubble and the Kig-Yar trading with them. Upon learning the location of the Ark, Regret sped to Earth with an insufficient, hastily assembled fleet without consulting with his fellow Hierarchs first. Even as he faced Earth's formidable defenses he persistently headed for what he thought was an easy way for unlocking the Ark. This foolish mistake eventually cost him his life on Delta Halo. Regret did apologize to the Prophets of Truth and Mercy for his reckless and failed attack on Earth, although he may have simply been trying to justify his actions to which Truth responded in kind, claiming that it was only thanks to Mercy that Regret "be spared of a public display" of their contempt.

Regret was very fond of the Sangheili and showed compassion towards them.[3] He was not involved in the betrayal and massacre of the Sangheili as he died prior to the Great Schism.[34] Regret likely would have opposed it, as evident of Truth marking him as a moderate that needed to be eliminated, as well as a scapegoat to kickstart the Schism.

After his death by John-117 and assimilation into the Gravemind, Regret showed no remorse for his actions against humanity however, and continued to preach the Covenant dogma, though he may not have been fully aware of his condition.[35]


Halo 2[edit]

Main article: Regret (Halo 2 level)/Walkthrough
Master Chief Kills Prophet of Regret on Delta Halo.
Prophet of Regret boss fight in Halo 2.

"Incompetents! I'll kill it myself!"
— Regret, facing John-117 in battle.

The only weapons that Regret had were his gravity throne, seen in the level Regret, and his plasma pistol. Regret is heavily guarded by Grunts and Sangheili Honor Guardsmen of seemingly infinite numbers. The throne is equipped with two assault cannons that glow bright orange and are a modified version of a Hunter's main weapon.

The gravity throne allows Regret to teleport a short distance away. The most effective way to deal with the Prophet is to jump onto his gravity throne and beat him to death with melee attacks. Energy swords and explosives will not kill the Prophet, though they can reduce the number of melee hits required to kill him. Projectile weapons, including the sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and fuel rod gun, do not work on him. Although he will shout out and bleed when hit with other weapons, the player must still board his throne and punch him to death. This may take a few tries, especially if the player doesn't try to damage Regret with other weapons, since he can still teleport away while being punched.

Halo Wars[edit]

HWguide Regret.png

"Burn, heretics!"
— Regret, when using his Cleansing ability.

In skirmish and multiplayer, the Prophet of Regret is a hero unit. He is armed with a plasma cannon which can be replaced by a gravity cannon, and the "Cleansing" ability, which calls down an energy projector beam from an orbiting vessel. Regret's gravity throne can also be upgraded with the ability to fly. He can also be escorted by two Protector Sentinels when the Ancestral Perversion upgrade is researched. The Prophet of Regret will be automatically deployed as soon as the player finishes their first Temple. If that Regret is killed the player can purchase another for 400 resources, but can only have one Regret at a time.

  • Blessed Immolation: Upgrades to fuel rod cannons for damage increase. Requires 400 resources and a tech level of 1.
  • Ancestral Perversion: Dual protector units hover near Prophet and defend him. Requires 600 resources and a tech level of 2.
  • Divine Absolution: Upgrades chair so the Prophet becomes a full-fledged air unit. Requires 900 resources and a tech level of 3.
Leader Ability - Cleansing

When activated, there is a miniature glassing beam sent down from the sky. When fully upgraded and used for a few seconds, the beam's size is increased substantially.

Ability upgrades
  • Regret's Sentence - Medium cleansing beam which does more damage. Requires 300 resources and a tech level of 1.
  • Regret's Doom - Large cleansing beam for even more damage. Requires 500 resources and a tech level of 2.
  • Regret's Condemnation - Increases damage of beam. Requires 700 resources and a tech level of 3

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

Main article: Prophet of Regret/Silver

The Prophet of Regret is one of the three Hierarchs of the Covenant.[38]


  • Regret is voiced in Halo 2, Halo Wars and Terminals in Halo 2 Anniversary by Robin Atkin Downes.
  • Regret's title follows a broad trend of Prophet titles corresponding with their character's downfall. In the case of the Prophet of Regret, his title reflects his role in Halo 2's plot of immediately regretting his actions in attacking Earth without reinforcements, leading to his assassination by John-117, which the Prophet of Truth surreptitiously abetted.
    • He did, however, apologize to the other Hierarchs for attacking Earth with insufficient numbers, although he may have actually been attempting to justify his actions.
  • If the player melees Regret's hologram in any level, the Master Chief will lunge towards the hologram, much like the Arbiter can lunge through the Heretic Leader's holo-drone. The lunge is more noticeable if the player uses an energy sword.
  • On holograms of Regret, if one stands on the holo-panel or crouch on it, it can be seen that Regret has real eyebrows, even though it is a hologram.
  • When the Master Chief kills the Prophet of Regret on the level Regret, he will drop a plasma pistol. He held the same weapon in Halo: Contact Harvest, and was rumored to keep it with him at all times in Halo: The Cole Protocol.
  • As of the 12th of May 2009, an update was released by Ensemble which made the Prophet of Regret slightly slower in Halo Wars Matchmaking, this was an attempt to stop "Leader Rushing".
  • In the San'Shyuum section of the Covenant Species part of the Halo 3 Manual, Regret is the Prophet seen in the picture.[39]


List of appearances[edit]


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