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Were you looking for the former Philologist, the Prophet of Mercy?
Political information



Member of:

Ascetic priests


Leadership of the ascetic priests


High Charity

Historical information


c. 2552

Notable individuals:

Hod Rumnt


The Philologist was the leader of the ascetic priests aboard the Forerunner Dreadnought. Primarily, the Philologist's main role was tending to the care of the Oracle within the Dreadnought and interpreting its will.[1][2]

While the position was more spiritual than political, the Philologist eventually grew into king-maker status. If a trio of San'Shyuum wished to ascend as Hierarchs of the Covenant, they required the blessing of the Oracle. As the Oracle entered a period of dormancy, it became necessary to have the Philologist affirm on the behalf of the would be Hierarchs. This would usually require either bribery or blackmail of some form.[2]

Philologists operated stone anti-gravity chairs.[3] Hod Rumnt was the Philologist prior to his ascension as the High Prophet of Mercy.


Philology is derived from the Greek terms philos (φίλος), meaning love, and logos (λόγος), meaning wisdom. Philology is more accurately defined as "an affinity toward the learning of the backgrounds as well as the current usages of spoken or written methods of communication". In addition, they are also known as "lovers of wisdom".

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