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The Roll of Celibates was a collection of San'Shyuum who were not permitted to breed under Covenant law to ensure genetic diversity was maintained in the San'Shyuum community on High Charity. Created to prevent negative recessive genes from passing down to new generations of San'Shyuum, the Roll of Celibates was zealously maintained to ensure the gene pool of the low San'Shyuum population on High Charity was healthy.[1][2]


The High Prophet of Truth was included on the Roll of Celibates

Due to the San'Shyuum's moderately low population on High Charity, the Roll of Celibates tracked those who were not allowed to breed, as the poor planning of their ancestors made their genes too common, and the risk of spreading their negative, recessive genes was already too high.[1] The Roll of Celibates was carefully controlled by a strict bureaucracy to ensure genetic diversity was maintained among the San'Shyuum community.[3] The San'Shyuum who enforced the Roll were zealous in their work, and not even a Hierarch was above their censure.[1] When a San'Shyuum was being considered for the Roll, it was difficult to petition against it and even those who were successful could just as easily be added back to the Roll.[2][4] Once a San'Shyuum was placed on the Roll of Celibates, it was impossible to be removed.[5]

While celibate, those on the Roll were not sterilized and may engage in sexual activity provided that any resulting offspring were subsequently aborted. However, if any children were born of such a union, they were put to death, the offending San'Shyuum parent dismissed from any office they held and likely even sterilized.[1] Although it prevented birth defects, the Roll was responsible for reducing the initial San'Shyuum population on High Charity.[6]


The Roll of Celibates was established at some point after the Reformists left Janjur Qom aboard the Forerunner Dreadnought. As they numbered barely above one thousand and those San'Shyuum had a tendency to pass down negative genes among themselves, the Roll was created to maintain San'Shyuum diversity.[2][3] At the time of its creation, it was difficult to stay off the Role of Celibates.[2]

With the founding of the Covenant, the short-lived Ministry of Anticipatory Security was informed whenever a San'Shyuum consulted the High Charity medical interface about pregnancy, allegedly to help manage the Roll of Celibates.[4] The Prophet of Inner Conviction was once considered for the Roll of Celibates, though he managed to remove himself from review by speaking to the San'Shyuum that headed the Roll and pleading his case.[2] Inner Conviction's removal from the Roll formed several controversies, with some San'Shyuum believed that he had bribed the Roll's workers to earn his clearance. The Minister of Anticipatory Security threatened to use his new-found influence to place Inner Conviction back on the Roll, unless he complied to lead a mission to Janjur Qom to retrieve more female San'Shyuum; Inner Conviction reluctantly accepted.[6]

In the waning days of the 23rd Age of Doubt, the High Prophet of Restraint impregnated a young female San'Shyuum, having lied to her about his place on the Roll. Furious, the first-time mother demanded to keep her brood. The aging High Prophet, overcome by a desire to see his exalted genes passed down, could not bring himself to have his unborn progeny aborted or the mother silenced. Learning of the scandal, the Minister of Fortitude had the Vice Minister of Tranquility give an impassioned speech during the birthing period's invocation before the High Council, arguing for a greater investment in gene therapies and other technologies to "end the tyranny of the Roll". Believing he had common cause with the vice minister, Restraint approached him and offered the vice minister a ministerial posting of his choice if the Vice Minister of Tranquility claimed Restraint's child as his own. However, the vice minister used the scandal to blackmail Restraint to step down from his position, giving the Minister of Fortitude and Vice Minister of Tranquility the opportunity to ascend to the office of Hierarch.[1]

During the Ninth Age of Reclamation, the Ministry of Preparation utilized the Forerunner machines of the Sacred Promissory to alter the genes of San'Shyuum on the Roll of Celibates, allowing them to petition for their removal from the Roll.[5]

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