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Alo Sebukah, the Vice Minister of Abnegation

Vice minister was an office within the Covenant's ministries, serving as a deputy to a minister. The vice minister aided their minister with their duties, substituting for the minister in High Council sessions when necessary.[1] A senior staffer served as aides for vice ministers. They used anti-gravity chairs that were slightly more sophisticated than those of the senior staffers, allowing vice ministers to travel in groups of three. The anti-gravity chair of a vice minister had a hard, metal seat.[2]

During one of the Ages of Discovery, the Vice Minister of Sacral Assembly served as an architect for the CAS-class assault carrier.[3] The High Prophet of Regret was once the Vice Minister of Tranquility, serving the Ministry of Tranquility, prior to becoming a Hierarch.[4] Alo Sebukah served as the vice minister for the Ministry of Abnegation in the final year of the Covenant.[5]

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