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Glory-of-a-Far-Dawn as she appears in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition)
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98,119 BCE[1]


100+ years after 97,445 BCE[2]

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302.3 centimetres (9 ft 11 in)[1]


211.6 kilograms (466.5 lbs)[1]

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Forerunner ecumene




Glory-of-a-Far-Dawn, more commonly known as Glory, was a Forerunner Warrior-Servant.[3]


Glory was present on the Forerunner Council ship Seedling Star as part of the team sent to retrieve Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting. She was later present on the Forerunner capital during Mendicant Bias' assault. During the battle, she was instructed by her commanders to rescue at least two Councilors. She managed to retrieve First Councilor Splendid-Dust-of-Ancient-Suns and accidentally grabbed Bornstellar as well. Glory enveloped them in constraint fields and leaped out of the Capital's artificial gravity field, shortly after being picked up by a Falco-class space pod.[4]

The pod took the three Forerunners through a Slipspace portal to the greater Ark, along with one of the twelve original Halo installations.[5] There, Glory of a Far Dawn and the others were rescued from the damaged pod and healed by the Lifeworkers.[6]

Glory was among the surviving Forerunners who took shelter on Installation 00, or the lesser Ark, during the Great Purification, and subsequently took part in the reintroduction phase of the Conservation Measure. Over a century after the Halos' firing, she accompanied the IsoDidact and a number of other Forerunners on a mission to Maethrillian to restore the Domain. After the group confronted the Precursor construct Abaddon in the Council amphitheater, Glory and Keeper-of-Stone-Songs remained alongside Splendid Dust, who chose to wait for his trial by Abaddon, ostensibly to buy time for Bornstellar and several others as they pushed on toward the Mysterium. While the other Forerunners eventually managed to stop Abaddon and revive the Domain, they were not successful before the vengeful Precursor intelligence rendered its judgment on Glory-of-a-Far-Dawn and vaporized her, along with Keeper-of-Stone-Songs.[2]

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