Grand Edict

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Grand Edict
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Ordered the imprisonment of the Endless


The Grand Edict was a Forerunner who survived the Forerunner-Flood war. In 97,368 BCE, he ordered Despondent Pyre, the Monitor of Installation 07, to imprison the Xalanyn within Zeta Halo. Despondent Pyre pointed out the Xalanyn believed the Forerunners wanted to help them, but the Grand Edict replied that it didn't matter since the Forerunners' truth had to be preserved and that the Xalanyn could not be allowed to control time itself. He also ordered experiments to be conducted on the Xalanyn to discover how they had survived the Halo Array's firing. When Despondent Pyre expressed concern that she couldn't do this task alone, the Grand Edict informed her that the Criterion had ordered the deployment of Offensive Bias to assist her.[1]

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