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October 12, 2559[1]

Cause of death:

Mercy-killed by Veta Lopis following a slipspace teleportation accident[1]

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Political and military information


United Nations Space Command[1]




Myklonas was a pilot within the United Nations Space Command, holding the military rank of Lieutenant. She was qualified in both orbital and suborbital combat, and flew a B-65 Shortsword bomber.[1]


Second Ark Conflict[edit]

Main article: Second Ark Conflict

Lieutenant Myklonas was a B-65 Shortsword pilot assigned to the air wing of UNSC Spirit of Fire when it disappeared in 2531. Along with the rest of the ship, she was mysteriously transported to the Ark in 2559, and proceeded to serve in the Second Ark Conflict as a suborbital bomber pilot. In October of that year, Myklonas was assigned to fly her Shortsword in the Battle for Translocation Portal Epsilon, an attempt to wrest control of a newly-opened portal back to Reach and allow the stranded human force to return home. However, Myklonas' Shortsword was the unfortunate victim of a slipspace translocation accident when the Banished Lich transport Pegoras emerged from slipspace transit in the same physical space as Myklonas' own aircraft - resulting in the two vehicles being fused together. Myklonas was able to survive this incident and was able to merge inside the Lich's troop bay, though heavily injured and with parts of her uniform burnt away due to the explosion. Her injuries included her eyelids being burnt away and her corneas being cloudy, making her unaware she was now inside a Banished Lich dropship. However, she was conscious enough to be able to whisper a plea with Veta Lopis to inject her with a lethal overdose of medication.[1]

To spare the now-panicking pilot a vicious death at the hands of the Jiralhanae crew of Pegoras in a game of tossers, Lopis discretely injected Myklonas with a fatal dose of polypseudomorphine - which suppressed Myklonas' respiration and stopped her heartbeat.[1]

To secure Pegoras' unhampered descent onto the Ark, Veta Lopis used Myklonas' identity to fake a call with UNSC air traffic authorities on the megastructure - able to buy time for a flight of AV-22 Sparrowhawks to tail the dropship. When questioned on her callsign, Veta Lopis did not know Myklonas' callsign and instead called Foxtrot-Papa-Foxtrot - code for final protective fire.[2] Following Pegoras' crash, Lopis used Myklonas' corpse to retrieve a UNSC communicator - then hid a message in Myklonas' breast pocket intending for the UNSC to find it and know the status of her mission the Ark. Shortly after her departure, the Clan of the Long Shields arrived at Pegoras crash site and discovered Myklonas' body being devoured by a kralidonk scavenger. Upon dispatching the creature, they recovered Lopis' message from Myklonas' body - believing the pilot to have been a spy within the Keeper ranks and the one who had wrote the message.[3]

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