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Polypseudomorphine, colloquially known as polly-sue, is a sedative used by the United Nations Space Command.[1][2]



When injected, polypseudomorphine can be used to keep an adult human sedated for the better part of a day.[3] A small injection of the drug can also be used to ease one's pain.[4] When applied, stimulants can be used to help counter the sedative effects of the drug.[5] Polypseudomorphine can be lethal to a human, if overdosed, and is capable of stopping the user's heartbeat and respiration.[2]

Polly-sue can also be used as an illicit recreational narcotic when combined with the anti-anxiety medication "Ace".[1]


The Spartan-II Blue Team used polypseudomorphine to sedate Colonel Robert Watts so he could be brought back to the Office of Naval Intelligence for interrogation.[3] Jonathan Doherty used the drug to ease the pain of the dying Gage Yevgenny.[4] In 2526, Kelly-087 administered polypseudomorphine to the Castoffs.[5][6]

In 2559, Veta Lopis used a lethal dose of the drug to perform a mercy kill on the injured UNSC pilot Myklonas, by artificially preventing her heartbeat and suppressing her respiration. This allowed the pilot a peaceful death, and prevented her from becoming an unfortunate victim of the Jiralhanae torture-game of tossers.[2]

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