Tárnoc Gorge

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Tárnoc Gorge was a gorge in the Ujeger Highlands of Vadász Dombok on the human Inner Colony world of Reach. It was serpentine with wider and thinner sections and ended in a sheer precipice of 200 meters at Tárnoc Falls.[1]



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In 2522, the entire SPARTAN-II class was deployed to Bull's Blood as part of an exercise to paint goat in the region. Over the course of three days, Blue Team hid in the canyons of the Ujeger Highlands including in Tárnoc Gorge during the daylight hours.[1]


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During Operation: WOLFE on October 7, 2559 the surviving crew of the UNSC Special Delivery and Blue Team would enter the gorge along with burrowing equipment. The gorge was covered in a glassy material. This combined with dawn rain reminded John-117 of the bobsleds in the Martian Olympics.[1]

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