UNSC Special Delivery

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UNSC Special Delivery
Production information


D102 Owl[1]



Service information


October 12, 2559[1]

Participated battles:

Operation: WOLFE[1]

Noteworthy crewmembers:


UNSC Navy[1]


UNSC Special Delivery was an D102 Owl stealth insertion craft in the service of the UNSC Navy.[1]

Service history[edit]

On October 7, 2559, the Special Delivery was assigned to the prowler UNSC Bucephalus when the prowler was deployed to Reach. The Special Delivery was designated to carry Blue Team and their excavation equipment to the site where CASTLE Base formerly stood - prior to its destruction during the Fall of Reach. The craft was ultimately intercepted by Seraphs, who were able to detect the craft's presence though were unable to find its exact location thanks to the craft's stealth systems. This situation did not last for long, and the Special Delivery was badly damaged when a drilling jumbo got loose in the cargo hold, forcing the craft to make a hard landing in the glasslands at Vadász Dombok.[1] After extracting the surviving crew from the craft, the Owl's internal octanitrocubane self-destruct charge was triggered by Major Eznik Van Houte, using the vocal trigger command "Execute".[2]

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