Big Crater Bay

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Big Crater Bay, as seen from orbit.

Big Crater Bay is a large body of water on the surface of the Human Inner Colony world of Reach. It was south of the Babd Catha Ice Shelf.[1]


Human-Covenant war[edit]

During the Fall of Reach, on August 13th, 2552, the 2nd Shock Troops Battalion were also deployed to an island in the middle of the bay. The 7th Shock Troops Battalion, 22nd Shock Troops Battalion, elements of the 124th Infantry Brigade and an element of the 34th Infantry Brigade were all deployed to locations near the rim of the bay.[2] A Covenant force was deployed to the island in the middle of the bay on August 14th.[3]

By August 30th, most locations along the rim of the bay were glassed.[4]


On October 7, 2559, during Operation: WOLFE, the Owl Insertion Craft Special Delivery flew over Big Crater Bay on its way to the Highland Mountains.[1]


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