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This article's title is a callsign, an alias, or a nickname, as no proper name for the subject has been revealed.

The so-called "Gray Guards" are an organisation of Jiralhanae warriors in the Banished. Their nickname was given by Blue Team for their distinctive drab grey-coloured power armour.[1]


During the 2559 battle on Reach, three hundred Gray Guards were deployed by Escharum from his personal intrusion corvette.[2] When observed by John-117, they were noted for their unusual discipline - standing guard around the corvette for an hour without moving. Later on, the Gray Guards rearmed and engaged United Nations Space Command forces on Reach, with a number ultimately deploying into the mineshaft of CASTLE Base - where they were promptly dispatched by Blue Team.[1]

Later on in the year, the Gray Guards were noted by Alchemy Corps scientist Vulcus as being extremely eager to test their new voltaic weaponry in the field in the then-upcoming deployment to Reach in 2559..[3]


The Gray Guards are most notable for their distinctive drab grey armour, which gave rise to their nickname as-given by Blue Team. When initially deployed onto Reach, the Gray Guards wielded shock rifles and short-handled gravity maces.[2] However, once engaged by UNSC forces, they rearmed and proceeded to fully enter battle with shock, spike, and plasma rifles alongside jump packs and ravagers.[1]

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