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A Jiralhanae Sniper firing a Sicatt Workshop shock rifle with a Heatwave during a custom Forge Firefight game on Fragmentation in Halo Infinite.
A Jiralhanae Sniper firing a shock rifle, the latest in the line of voltaic application devices.

Voltaic weaponry,[Note 1] formally known as voltaic application devices,[1] refers to directed-energy weapons of Jiralhanae origin that weaponize electricity.


Voltaic weapons represent some of the only remaining technology used during the Jiralhanae's rich technological age prior to the nuclear global war that left their homeworld Doisac in devastation.[2] Such weapons had been spoken of in stories commonly passed down to the Jiralhanae living on Doisac's three moons: Warial, Teash, and Soirapt. Banished Warmaster Atriox intended to research and revive these old technologies to once again weaponize them; as such, Sicatt Workshop was formed.[1] By 2559, Sicatt Workshop has designed a number of voltaic weapons, including the Disruptor and the dynamo grenade.[2][3] The latest invention was the shock rifle, which was designed by technicians onboard Ghost of Barolon.[2] Vulcus, a technician and a member of Sicatt Workshop's Alchemy Corps, saw the technology as a template could be applied as weapons aboard Banished warships to overload enemy systems to aid in ramming and boarding maneuvers.[1] By early 2560, during the Battle of Suban, the Ghost of Barolon was armed with an experimental volt piercer.[4] All three types of voltaic weapons were manufactured at the Armory of Reckoning during the Banished's occupation of Installation 07.[2][3] The Banished used a special variant of fusion coils to store energy for voltaic weapons.[5]


Although voltaic weapons utilize a variety of delivery systems, they share a commonality in discharging high-output electric current. The volt caster fires small active dynamo munitions that attach to infantry and vehicles, where it can discharge high-output current to an attached target.[2] In contrast, the volt piercer fires a burst of three electrolasers.[1] When these projectiles are applied in great enough number and proximity, they can detonate to cause an extraordinary amount of heavy shock damage capable of shutting down vehicles or equipment, akin to the effects of an electromagnetic pulse.[2] Victims of the weapons—infantry or vehicles—are violently shocked and left rigid in the surging currents, leaving them immobilized and vulnerable to subsequent attacks.[3]

There was one notable instance of a voltaic weapon that does not pertain to the conventional weapons employed by the Banished: during the Battle for Zeta Halo, John-117 incorporated voltaic technology to his Grappleshot, allowing the grapple to electrocute its targets.[6]

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