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Elena Bobrov
Elena Bobrov in a piece of Halo Infinite concept art. Cropped from File:HINF MarineAmbushConcept.jpg
Biographical information




June 19, 2522[1]


February 2560[3][4]

Cause of death:

Killed in combat against the Banished during the Trials of Atriox[3][4]

Personal details






185.4 centimetres (6.08 ft)[1]


77.1 kilograms (170 lb)[1]

Hair color:


Political and military information



Gunnery Sergeant[2][3]

Service number:



Elena K. Bobrov (service number 91532-11116-EB) was a non-commissioned officer serving in the UNSC Marine Corps,[5] and formerly in the UNSC Army.[2] She was assigned to the UNSC Infinity during the Battle of Requiem and then during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[3]


Early life and career[edit]

Elena K. Bobrov was born on Alluvion on June 19, 2522.[1] She enlisted into UNSC Army as soon as she was of-age in 2540, and first encountered the Covenant in 2542, during the Battle for Alluvion when the Fleet of Particular Justice glassed major population centers on her homeworld.[2] During the Covenant invasion on Reach, Bobrov fought during the siege of New Alexandria,[2] notably assisting Gauntlet Team in civilian evacuation operations.[1]

Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, Bobrov retired in 2553, but returned—presumably enlisting in the UNSC Marine Corps—to serve aboard the UNSC Infinity.[2]

Post-Covenant War conflicts[edit]

In July 2557, Staff Sergeant Bobrov was aboard the Infinity when the ship was caught by the gravity well of the shield world Requiem. During Operation: WHIRLRPOOL, she was assigned to Gypsy Company to destroy the particle cannons that defended the gravity well generator. The company was sent to the location of the particle cannons, along with an M510 Mammoth. Bobrov was in charge of driving and controlling the Mammoth during the engagement.[2][5] Surviving the battle, Elena Bobrov would return to Earth with the Infinity.[3][2]

She was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant,[2] then served a second tour to Requiem in 2558.[3] Bobrov was also present on Operation: WOLFE in 2559, being deployed on Reach by the Infinity to support Spartan fireteams engaging Banished forces on the planet.[1]

Battle for Zeta Halo[edit]

Main article: Battle for Zeta Halo

On December 12, 2559, Bobrov was onboard UNSC Infinity when it was ambushed by Banished forces upon arrival at Installation 07.[6] As the Infinity fell to the Banished assault, Bobrov was evacuated from the ship. She eventually rendezvoused with other UNSC forces at the wreckage of UNSC Mortal Reverie, which had been found by Spartan Vedrana Makovich and designated as a UNSC base of operations.[7] She participated in the defense of Reverie when the Banished launched an assault on the wreckage on January 31, 2560.[3][8] During the assault, her squad was attacked by a group of Jiralhanae Berserkers; although Bobrov survived, she was captured by the Banished. She was dragged to a Qavardu Workshop war-skiff that transported her to the House of Reckoning. Bobrov, along with Spartan-IV Terry Hedge, Lance Corporal Singh, and a Sangheili they nicknamed "Doc," were forced to participate in the Trials of Atriox, a ritual devised by War Chief Escharum in which UNSC survivors were to defend a large room from multiple waves of Banished troops. If they survived, they would be fed food and water, only to go through the trial again on the next day.[3] Despite her efforts, Bobrov was ultimately killed by the Banished.[4] The UNSC listed her as Missing in action after the battle on the Mortal Reverie.[1]

Production notes[edit]

While unconfirmed, there is a distinct possibility that Elena Bobrov first appeared in Halo: Reach. Bobrov is confirmed to have participated in the Fall of Reach—including the Siege of New Alexandria—while serving in the UNSC Army. Throughout the campaign of Halo: Reach (including the missions set in New Alexandria), the player can encounter a UNSC Army trooper bearing resemblance to Elena Bobrov's depiction. 343 Industries employee and community writer Alex Wakeford, the creator of Elena Bobrov's backstory, confirmed that Bobrov and the Army trooper from Halo: Reach have a "striking resemblance."[9]


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