Hunt for the Phantom

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Defense of the Enemies' Airbase


The Scorching of the Thicket

Hunt for the Phantom
Hunt for the Phantom.png


Halo: Spartan Assault


Spartan Palmer




Draetheus V


Find and clear the Phantom's landing zone

Spartan Assault scores

HSA Star Gold.png100,000 • HSA Star Silver.png85,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png70,000

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Hunt for the Phantom is the twenty-first mission of Halo: Spartan Assault.


With transportation secured, one last hurdle remained in getting the colonists safely off of Draetheus V. The leader of the Covenant forces, Merg Vol, was still present on moon X50, providing the remaining Covenant forces with a rallying point and cry. If the colonists were to leave Draetheus V's orbit alive, Merg Vol would need to be terminated.

Spartan Palmer would need a way to get to the moon unseen, but the Covenant knew about her stolen Spirits and would likely open fire on any of these ships trying to land on the moon. Palmer suspected the Covenant's officer on Draetheus V, Parg Vol had a personal transport hidden away. After completing the evacuation operation, locating Parg Vol's ship became Palmer's highest priority.


Find Parg Vol's Phantom[edit]

Spartan Sarah Palmer and several UNSC Marines stand nearby two AV-14 Hornets. Several combat technicians are at work nearby. As Palmer and the Marines advance forward, the Hornets take off. Palmer passes a Type-29 Shade and as she continues, a second Unggoy Minor manned-Shade turret begins firing at her. The Shade is protected by a Sangheili Minor and several other Unggoy Minors, but eventually Palmer kills all of them. Advancing forward, a swarm of Yanme'e Minors fly up and attacks the Marines and Spartan. Continuing, a Stealth Sangheili ambushes the humans and attacks. However, Palmer is successful in killing him. Passing through a forest, a second Stealth Sangheili attacks while an Unggoy-manned Shade fires upon Palmer. After Palmer defeats both, a Type-32 Ghost appears and begins to fire at Palmer.

After the Spartan is able to destroy the Ghost, a second swarm of Yanme'e attacks. Nearby, two Sangheili noticed the fight and one of them enters a Type-26 Wraith. After defeating the Drone swarm, she kills the lone Sangheili and engages the Wraith. After a long battle, Palmer is able to destroy the Wraith. Continuing north, another Stealth Sangheili charges at Palmer while several Unggoy Minors attack. Continuing through the forest, several more Stealth Sangheili succeed in ambushing Palmer and attack. However, they are all killed by the Spartan. After, Palmer and the surviving Marines traverse through the rest of the forest. Palmer and the Marines encounter a Shade turret, guarded by Sangheili and Unggoy forces. Palmer manages to kill them all. After killing another Stealth Sangheili, Palmer and the Marines continue north. They eventually discover Parg Vol's Phantom.

Secure the Phantom's landing zone for hi-jacking[edit]

After Palmer and the Marines discover the Phantom, two Sangheili Minors attack from the north. After they are killed, a Stealth Sangheili attempts to ambush Palmer but she is able to eliminate him. Then, a Sangheili Major leads two Sangheili Minors into battle, but the three are eventually defeated by Palmer and the Marines. After they are killed, a Jiralhanae Chieftain charges in from the north. After a skirmish, Palmer and the Marines are able to kill the Brute. With the Chieftain dead, Palmer was able to secure the Phantom.