Infiltration of the Covenant Perimeter

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Superstructure Stand-off

Infiltration of the Covenant Perimeter
Infiltration of the Covenant Perimeter.png


Halo: Spartan Assault


Spartan Davis






Escort all snipers into position and infiltrate the Covenant base.

Spartan Assault scores

HSA Star Gold.png85,000 • HSA Star Silver.png65,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png40,000

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Infiltration of the Covenant Perimeter is the fourteenth mission of Halo: Spartan Assault.


Covenant forces established a mile wide defense perimeter around the Forerunner structure. To protect the technicians, UNSC command had deployed snipers among the marines reinforcements. They would provide suppressing fire from the higher ground around the structure. However, the area they were deploying to was swarming with stealth Sangheili.

Spartan Davis escorted several sniper teams to their locations and cleared the area of any distractors in the process. Without his support, the sniper squads wouldn't have had a chance to make it safely to their assignments.


Escort the first sniper into position[edit]

Spartan Edward Davis and three UNSC Marine snipers are standing in a small valley leading into a large clearing. As the four progress, they encounter two Stealth Sangheili and succeed in killing them. As they proceed, the group finds a parked Type-52 Phantom, guarded by several Unggoy Minors. Davis and the snipers quickly eliminate them. As they pass the Phantom, a cliff is visible nearby. The first sniper takes position at the cliff and begins to fire at enemies down below.

Escort the second sniper into position[edit]

After passing the Phantom, Davis and the snipers engage in a small firefight against two Sangheili Minors and several more Unggoy. Eventually, Davis and the snipers kill their opponents. The three continue through a small valley and discover two Kig-Yar Minors on patrol. The Spartan quickly takes out the Jackals. Two more Kig-Yar Minors, alerted, see the oncoming humans and attack, but are eventually killed as well. The group soon comes across a second cliff, guarded by four Unggoy Minors. After Davis and the snipers wipe out the Unggoy, the second sniper takes position on the cliff.

Escort the third sniper into position[edit]

As Davis and the remaining Marine continue through a narrow valley, a suicidal Unggoy Minor rushes at the duo but is quickly killed. After exiting the valley, a Kig-Yar Minor attacks them but is defeated. From the west, a Sangheili Minor leads a lance of three Unggoy Minors, followed shortly by a second Sangheili Minor, and attacks Davis. Eventually, Davis kills the Covenant forces and continues east. As the Spartan and sniper near the third cliff, they are ambushed by a Sangheili Major and a third Stealth Sangheili. While Davis engages the Elites, the sniper takes position at the cliff.

Clear the path to the Forerunner structure[edit]

With all UNSC snipers in position, Davis takes out the ambush party and their reinforcements. As he makes his way north, he is attacked by a fourth Stealth Sangheili, but he manages to eliminate it. After continuing through the valley, a Sangheili Minor, Major, and Stealth Elite, attack the Spartan but Davis kills them all. Beyond the Elites, a Covenant automated plasma turret attacks Davis. The turret is protected by numerous Unggoy Minors, including a suicidal Grunt and one Minor manning a Type-26 Shade turret. After Davis destroys the plasma turret and the Unggoy guards, two more Stealth Sangheili arrive and attack the Spartan. After he kills them both, a final Stealth Sangheili charges at Davis, but is quickly killed. With all Covenant personnel in the area killed, Davis continues north.