The Scorching of the Thicket

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Hunt for the Phantom


Infiltration of the Cult Leader's Base

The Scorching of the Thicket
The scorching of the Thicket.png


Halo: Spartan Assault


Spartan Palmer




Draetheus V


Hold the pass against the Covenant reinforcements

Spartan Assault scores

HSA Star Gold.png175,000 • HSA Star Silver.png100,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png50,000

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The Scorching of the Thicket is the twenty-second mission of Halo: Spartan Assault.


Parg Vol's camp was easily defendable, but Spartan Palmer neutralized the perimeter guard and moved in. The real challenge would be in accessing Parg Vol's vehicle - a Covenant Phantom.

While a combat technician was bypassing the Phantom's security protocols, Parg Vol made his return. When he realized Palmer's intent, he ordered a full frontal assault on her position. With heavy plasma artillery raining down from a platoon of Wraiths, Palmer held off the infantry just long enough for the technicians to succeed.


Defend the engineer until the Phantom is operational[edit]

Spartan Sarah Palmer stands near a UNSC technician that is operating on Parg Vol's Phantom gunboat. Two UNSC Marines stand guard nearby. Spartan Palmer must defend the engineer for four minutes until he can bypass the Phantom's security protocols. Palmer moves forward and encounters several advancing Unggoy Minors, but she quickly kills them all. Numerous Unggoy Majors and Minors attack Palmer's position but she is able to fend them off and kill most of them. Several suicidal Unggoy charge at Palmer and the engineer, but the Spartan is able to eliminate them. Soon, several Kig-Yar Minors lead the massive amount of Unggoy soldiers into battle. After several minutes of fighting, heavy plasma artillery fire from a platoon of Type-26 Wraiths begins to explode around Spartan Palmer.

Soon, Sangheili Minors begin to charge into battle, leading the Covenant assault force. Sangheili Majors lead Minors and Kig-Yar and attack Palmer and the engineer. After a long firefight, Palmer is able to defeat and eliminate the Covenant forces. As large amounts of Kig-Yar and Sangheili forces continue to attack Palmer, a Jiralhanae Chieftain arrives and charges into battle against the Spartan. However, Palmer is eventually successful in killing him. Soon, Stealth Sangheili, Majors, and Minors arrive and attack the Spartan. Palmer is able to fend of the Covenant forces and deal massive causalities to their assaulting forces.

Board the Phantom[edit]

After four minutes, the engineer is successful in bypassing the Phantom's security protocols and the gunboat is now operational. The engineer and UNSC Marines board the Phantom and Palmer is given fourteen seconds to do the same. Eventually, Palmer boards the Phantom and its back hatch closes behind her. As Covenant forces approach the Phantom, it takes off.