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Draetheus V
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Fifth planet







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Draetheus V[note 1] was a human colony world in the Draetheus system.[1][2] It had one moon, designated X50; unbeknownst to the colonists, the moon was actually a Forerunner superweapon.[1] The planet had a unique magnetic signature.[3]


The planet was once a Forerunner colony and a part of their ecumene. Following the Human-Covenant War, the United Nations Space Command discovered the world and established a number of research facilities on the planet and its moon to study objects left behind by the Forerunners.[4] Numerous magnetic reactor stations were also built around the planet.[5]

Battle of Draetheus V[edit]

Main article: Battle of Draetheus V

In 2554, a faction of the former Covenant attacked the planet, and X50, and clashed with the UNSC for the Forerunner relics present there, lead by Zealot Merg Vol. Two SPARTAN-IVs, Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis, participated in the campaign. The UNSC was successful in alerting the planet of the remnant's attack and evacuation began. While Merg Vol's Covenant quickly took control of the moon[6], Palmer was holding ground with numerous Marine forces on the planet's surface. Palmer helped defend Draetheus V's main military outpost, Faraday Base, against the attacking forces. Although the Marines were taking heavy casualties, they succeeded in defending Faraday and the planet's reactor facilities, largely due to the help of Spartan Palmer.[7]

Later in the battle, Merg Vol discovered the true purpose of Draetheus V's moon. It was a Forerunner device that was used to build or destroy planets. Merg Vol's Covenant forces activated the primary weapon of the X50 construct. Directed toward the planet, the beam began to disintegrate Draetheus V, destabilizing it.[8] Enormous slabs of rock were slowly floating away from the planet's surface and both UNSC and Covenant troops were scrambling to get to safety as the UNSC continued to evacuate the planet.[9] Merg Vol's Covenant continued to attack the planet and the UNSC quickly realized that Draetheus V was ill-prepared for a full evacuation. There was not enough transportation to allow everyone to leave Draetheus V. However, the UNSC raided a Covenant airfield and stole numerous Covenant aircraft. With Palmer's help, 23 Covenant aircraft carrying civilians made it off the planet.[10]

While defending the moon, Spartan Davis was killed by an overwhelming amount of Sangheili forces. Spartan Palmer arrived at X50 and eventually killed Merg Vol in the control center and sabotaged the device, stopping the dismantling process of the planet.[11]

Shortly after the battle, the UNSC discovered a looping transmission of low-frequency static from X50. Palmer and UNSC forces returned to the moon to investigate. However, the UNSC quickly realized that Covenant forces remained on the moon. After fighting through numerous Covenant soldiers, Palmer discovered that the message had originated from her Spartan compatriot Davis, moments before his death. She shut the device down in order to allow her friend to pass away peacefully.[12]



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  1. ^ Official material from 343 Industries (including the game itself) consistently renders the planet's name as "Draetheus-V". The same naming scheme is used for Circinius IV from Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. However, Halopedia omits the hyphen for the sake of convenience and for consistency with other planetary designations (e.g. Jericho VII and Draco III).