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Biographical information


Before 2492


Between 2553 and 2558





Hair color:


Eye color:


Political and military information


Covenant (Formerly)


Jiralhanae Chieftain

Notable info:

Bore a metallic plate over a damaged left eye


Jovus was an old Jiralhanae Chieftain and warlord, who had formerly served in the Covenant's military.[1]


Early in his life, Jovus warred with other Jiralhanae warriors for supremacy. He was later inducted into the Covenant, where the empire put his energy to work in their campaign against humanity. After the empire's fall and end of the Human-Covenant War, Jovus became a reputable warlord who led his warpack in pillaging raids on UNSC military outposts.

During a raid on Braden Station, a UNSC repair and resupply facility, Jovus fought alongside his pack with two spikers and pushed UNSC Marines back inside the facility. After breaching the base and wiping out most of the Marines, Jovus found the station's commanding officer and had his devoted legend-keeper, Buca, present him to the human. Buca relayed Jovus' infamous legend but left the man unexpectedly bemused. When Jovus noted the man did not seem to express fear, Buca revealed that he and the other soldiers had been frightened by the thought that Jovus was actually the legendary warlord, Atriox. This revelation greatly infuriated Jovus, who then killed the human commander and ordered his pack to destroy the entire facility.

When Jovus inquired about what Atriox had done to deserve a bigger reputation than him, Buca informed him of Atriox's past exploits. Just as Jovus expressed his desire to challenge Atriox's might in battle, his crew alerted him that Atriox was on Karava. After ordering to crew to set course there, Jovus and his forces arrived over the planet to find the assault carrier Enduring Conviction in their path. Jovus was hailed by the ship's Sangheili shipmaster, Let 'Volir, who recognized Jovus and asked if he had come to join the Banished. Confounded that Sangheili and Jiralhanae would band together, Jovus commanded his forces descend to Karava's surface after he asked 'Volir about Atriox's whereabouts. Landing down below unhindered, Jovus and his pack quickly encountered a member of the Banished, Decimus, who spoke highly of Atriox and invited Jovus to follow their cause. Unamused by the underling's words, Jovus had his warriors prepare to search for Atriox when they were suddenly attacked by surrounding Banished forces. Jovus and Buca fought alongside one another as both sides violently clashed near a supply depot. The battle ground to a halt only after Jovus was wounded in his left arm and yelled that he'd had enough. Atriox then appeared before Jovus as he was aided to his feet by Buca. Atriox then notified him that he had no intention of killing him and shared that some within Jovus' own pack had previously contacted him, expressing hope that they could potentially ally with the Banished. When Jovus inquired who had contacted him, Buca came forward and told Jovus that he felt he was great warrior who should align himself with Atriox. Atriox then offered Jovus the opportunity to join the Banished, stating that he and his surviving troops would be valued among them. Jovus remarked that he had no say in the matter and then unexpectedly pushed Buca away as he charged forward to attack Atriox. Jovus quickly fell over dead after being struck and killed by Atriox's gravity mace, Chainbreaker. Bewildered by his action, Buca pondered why Jovus would attack Atriox despite knowing that he was severely outmatched and weakened. Atriox then informed Buca that an old Jiralhanae like Jovus did not wish to have his life spared, as he traditionally believed that he and his warpack could only respect Atriox if he was unopposed as the strongest and dominant leader around.[1]


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