Braden Station

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Braden Station under attack.

Braden Station was a planetside United Nations Space Command repair and resupply facility.[1]


Sometime after the Human-Covenant War, Braden Station came under assault by a Jiralhanae pack led by the warlord Chieftain Jovus. The Marines stationed at the compound were quickly overwhelmed by the Jiralhanae raiders and attempted to barricade themselves inside the station. After the warpack managed to breach the facility and slaughter more marines, Jovus and his record keeper Buca confronted the station's maintenance chief. Upon being introduced to Chieftain Jovus, the captured chief revealed that they had greatly feared their assailants were actually Atriox and his Banished. On hearing about Atriox, the jealous Jovus became enraged and killed the human. He then ordered his warpack to destroy the entire facility without bothering to salvage any of its supplies. Jovus and his pack soon departed from the burning station, determined to go pursue Atriox.[1]

Among the survivors of the Braden incident was Marek Benbrook. Following the attack on the station, Benbrook provided accounts of the incident to the UNSC. Years later, one of his accounts would later be flagged and collated by the Spirit of Fire's AI Seth as it established an indirect connection between Atriox and the UNSC.[2]


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