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Marek Benbrook
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Marek N. Benbrook is a UNSC crewman active in the post war era.[1]


After the Human-Covenant War, Marek Benbrook was stationed at the UNSC repair and resupply facility, Braden Station, when it came under assault by Jiralhanae raiders. Benbrook and his crew had been in a service tunnel rerouting power when they saw enemy ships coming in through their feed. After barricading themselves inside, Benbrook and the rest could only hear through comms as the Jiralhanae and their Chieftain, Jovus, tore the security team and facility apart. Marek survived the attack on Braden and later provided accounts of the incident in follow-up interviews. During an investigation to see if Chieftain Jovus' raid on the station was also linked to his death on Karava, Marek was asked in an interview if he had heard any mention of the planet. Marek said he had not but revealed that he heard Jovus become upset by the mention of the name Atriox. When asked why he had never mentioned that information before, he replied that his previous interviewers had never inquired what the Jiralhanae had said during the attack.[1]

Years later, audio of Marek's interview was reviewed and collated by the Spirit of Fire's AI Seth for Captain James Cutter as it confirmed another early connection between Atriox and the UNSC.

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